it's so tacky you know it's just kind oflike stickers and like a belt and stuffand I think the the idea in this case isit's an experiment maybe I thinkhonestly Capcom has been experimentingusing Street Fighter 5 for the nextStreet fire so sorry let me backtrack Ithink everything that Capcom has beendoing over the last year is anexperiment they're gathering datathey're trying various dlc in game moneytype models I think they are attemptingto figure out how to create a streetfighter 6 free-to-play Fortnite modelright because they've been fucking aboutwith everything you know they startedwith DLC characters in-game currencyright costumes that you can buy Isuspect in the future the costumes willbecome more customizable you've gotdojos which you can customize I'm surethey will become more customizable youhave titles that you can buy I think inthe future you'll be able to buy winquotes I think in the future you'll beable to buy taunts and gestures becausegestures are in fought and I writegestures are in black out I think theyhave like all these things costumesdojos titles win quotes gestures whoknows what else right is gonna becustomizable I and I think right nowthey're just fucking around I thinkthey're just literally using 3 5 5 asthe testing ground for this free-to-playmodel and I don't think it has much todo with Street Fighter 5 if I'm honest Ithink they probably made a decision ifthey're smart because this game is sofucking divisive I think they probablymade a decision to start work on Street5 6 a while ago and I think 3 5 6 isgoing to be a freeto play model and by that time hopefullyif they've done things correctly theywould have ironed it out in a waywhereby it won't look tacky and it won'tfeel like shit I mean we have Lube boxeswe have man at loot boxes I think it'sall experimentation it reminds me ofOmega Mode in Street Fighter 4 wherethey threw Omega Mode in at the end asexperimentation for Street Fighter 5 Ithink they are using Street Fighter 5 toexperiment to learn things becausethey've they can't grow the game but thegame won't get any smaller because thegame has like this dedicated fanbase whowill play it so it's kind of like thisperfect game for just fucking aroundwith and experimenting with so I thinkthat's what they're doing I thinkthey're just experiment they're usingthree five five to experiment forwhatever game they have coming up nextand it might not be street fight 6 itmight be CBS 3 or Darkstalkers or rivalschools or might not even be a fightinggame might be something else but Ibelieve they're using Street fire as aplace to experiment with new businessmodels new ways of making money sothat's what I think is that's why I'mnot freaking out too much about it Iknow people are saying like hey how comebeing really greedy because you knowwe've already paid for this game andthey're giving us this free-to-playmodel you know watch ads and fight moneyall this what stuff I don't know I Ijust don't really give a shit I'm justgonna carry on playing then I turn theads off and Capcom going to do theirexperiments and I think they're gonnause those experiments down that data toconstruct free-to-play games I thinkthey want to be the fortnight offighting games I think in their head ifthey can give the way the game for freeand then make money in another way it'llbe a much more popular game so I thinkthat's where they're goingI'm telling you guys Danny that's why Ithink's going on just lots ofexperimentation from Capcom but thesefucking stick-on logo bullshit istotally demystifies these beautifulcharacters that we've been in love withfor 25 plus years or at least I havebecause I'm old right so I am absolutelyin love with this franchise I'mabsolutely in love with these charactersand when I'm in the game I'm in anotherworld and these this advertising takesme out of that world it demystifies thecharacters it tells you that this is alljust fucking business and it's not evena game anymoreso as far as experiments go I think theyreally need to fucking fine-tune thisone because I don't like this one at allgive me ads I don't care about ads butdo not do not disgrace the characters inthis way and that's basically what Ihave to say about that[Music]