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Mobile Applications Workshop by Nokia | The Marketers

Nokia, one of the top recruiters on campus, would be conducting a workshop on mobile applications in IIM Calcutta. The workshop’s focus would be market for

Customer Driven Customer Delight | The Marketers

Characters: Annoying Aunty 1 (AA1), Annoying Aunty 2 (AA2), Poor Takeaway Joint Personnel (JP), Yours Truly (Me) Setting: on a tiresome evening somewhere in a

Using Press as Promotional Channel | The Marketers

PR: we’ve often heard this term being used in the marketing parlance. So what is it. Simply stated, it a kind of promotion channel which, in the words of Mr.

The World Cup is here! | The Marketers

It’s time for Waka Waka. People not even remotely interested in the sport of soccer are debating whether Cappello is responsible for England’s mess or

CRM at the grass-root level | The Marketers

It is amazing how much you can learn about marketing from the people working at the retail counter. I came across one such incident last evening. I had given

Ulhaas- the experiential marketing extravaganza! | The Marketers

(IIM Calcutta campus was abuzz with students frantically wearing different guises and chalking out plans to playfully trap the consumers into market

Marketique – deadline approaches! | The Marketers

Tonight (10th January) is the deadline for the article writing competition! Rush in your entries! For more details, read on!! Dear all, Team Intaglio and

The Joka Diary-1 | The Marketers

The Sales and Marketing enthusiasts are having a field day at Joka. FMCG major Hindustan Unilever Limited launched its LIME (Lessons in Marketing


Maggs on Media – Outdoor Advertising Feature

our final story this week and it's apiece of advertising that caught our eyeand impressed us in a universe that iscompletely cluttered with rubbish andlacking in imagination it's an organicbillboard that will change over timewe're in cape town of course and that'swhere we found her Simon walls fromtractor outdoor so how did the ideagerminate pun…

Copywriting and advertising production techniques

[Music]hello and welcome to our episode todaythat deals with copywriting andadvertising production techniques oursubject expert is dr. Saad bin Xia and Iand Sakshi monde wall top Assad is aseasoned journalist and researcher withmore than a decade of industry as wellas teaching experience today's episodedeals with copywriting and advertisingproduction techniques more specificallythe various kinds of advertisingtechniques…

Out of Home Office Hours. – Measuring Digital OOH

hello everybody and welcome to out ofhome office hours i am nick garcia overhere from ta be and today we're going tobe talking about measuring digitalout-of-home specifically we're going tobe talking about how we began measuringit with the release of eyes on and thenta beatiful ratings when we updated tospot ratings and then finally wheneverwe…

Interest & Behavior Targeting with Facebook Ads

interests and behavioral targets justsome of the too powerful things you cando inside the Facebook ad managementmany of us not in one thing what is thishey guys Victor David and I'm here withthe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce we'reenjoying some nice people but here on aSunday but more importantly we want toinvite you to our free…

Is There Really A War Between Old and New Media?

there's been a lot of talk about thiswar between old and new media and theconflict of interest between thesecompeting platforms I myself have madesome videos where I addressed this issuebut according to this guy named vestfizzes there is no such thing as aconflict of interest between old and newmedia as he explains in his rant…