The Future of Advertising | The Marketers

Advertising's future as we see it. The decline of the relevance of demographic segmentation vis-à-vis behavioral segmentation and its effects on targeted advertising.

NESCAFÉ – It’s time you started | The Marketers

The taste that got North India started on Coffee – Nescafe. Nescafe is synonymous to Coffee, and the ubiquitous presence of its instant coffee machines speaks volumes about its market penetration. Students are hooked onto it from the moment they first enter their college canteen, and probably it’s the most sold drink during exams.

Go IndiGo: On time is a wonderful thing! | The Marketers

One industry which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons has been the Airlines industry of India. Along with the emergence of low cost carriers, the

Health Food in India? | The Marketers

‘I don’t want healthy food!’  Such cry might seem to come from a person who is short-sighted and who does not care about the tons of fat he is consuming.

Interview with Tommy Hilfiger CEO | The Marketers

Mr. Shailesh Chaturvedi has been working with Tommy Hilfiger India since 2006. An engineer & MBA by education, he has been working in the apparel industry