Creatives in Advertising: Unearthing the Deepest | The Marketers

Coming back to the title of this article, what are Creatives? The word “Creatives” have been used here as in advertising parlance. Creatives in advertising parlance are nouns which mean the TV commercials that you see or a print/ooh ad that you encounter. So for example a Vodafone zoo-zoo Ad campaign had many creatives on air simultaneously. All marketing communications lectures in B-schools stop at creatives. Marketers will do all the strategic jobs of Situation analysis followed by Segmenting, finalizing the target group and deciding on the positioning.

The Cola Wars- Part Deux | The Marketers

So as promised, I'm back with Part Two of The Cola Wars.   Sprite’s been making waves with their fresh bout of witty ads. They never fail to make

The Cola Wars | The Marketers

Disclaimer- Only covering Indian ads. Also, while some of the brands are under either PepsiCo or Coca Cola, I’m still analysing their ads

The Future of Advertising | The Marketers

Advertising's future as we see it. The decline of the relevance of demographic segmentation vis-à-vis behavioral segmentation and its effects on targeted advertising.

Deal or No Deal | The Marketers

The title might have reminded you of a popular US Game show (And the Indian counterpart by the name of Khulja Sim Sim hosted by Aman Verma). The game was

T.O.I’s Wake up call to The Hindu | The Marketers

Owing to the recent TVC and print campaigns by The Hindu, it would have been fair to assume that TOI would lower the amounts of their so called sensational news

NESCAFÉ – It’s time you started | The Marketers

The taste that got North India started on Coffee – Nescafe. Nescafe is synonymous to Coffee, and the ubiquitous presence of its instant coffee machines speaks volumes about its market penetration. Students are hooked onto it from the moment they first enter their college canteen, and probably it’s the most sold drink during exams.

Flipping The Junglee Invasion? | The Marketers

Another David vs Goliath story? But there's a twist. From where I look Flipkart is Goliath, not Amazon!!

Smart Move! – Third Prize, Marketique | The Marketers

In a year, which could be described as anything but good for the world economy, when most of the companies were grappling with ideas for settling their P&Ls

Go IndiGo: On time is a wonderful thing! | The Marketers

One industry which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons has been the Airlines industry of India. Along with the emergence of low cost carriers, the