Virtual Goods, Real Selling | The Marketers

A pink tractor costs $3.50, a Breton horse costs $4.40 and a chicken costs $1.40. What am I talking about? Farmville, of course. The biggest rage and the

We’re off to Vacations :) | The Marketers

Dear readers, We're off to Bangkok, Delhi, Adventure trip to , home... for a week-long vacation. We've run off to places where forget the

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What am I? – Category Related Positioning | The Marketers

Let me at the outset warn you that this is going to be a longish read. But if you stick it out I hope you find something of value here. One definition of

What’s in a name? | The Marketers

What’s in a name? A lot, as Juliet must have felt when she said the above words to Romeo. David Ogilvy agreed with Juliet when he said “Any damn fool can

Where will thou run, O customer? | The Marketers

The spending on television advertisements has been on an exponential rise in the past few years with every brand wanting to flood you with its commercials.

You the marketer! | The Marketers

This blog aims to connect the marketing enthusiasts across the country. To restate the obvious, all connections are bi-directional. If you feel that you've been

Torment Thy Customer | The Marketers

Modern marketing passionately emphasizes the idea of ‘customer focus’. Every other firm on the face of this earth seems to have a single reason for

Turning brand negatives to positives | The Marketers

When your target market holds a negative association with your brand, you can do two things. One of them is that you can try and improve the perception of the