– So, I wanna tell you
about the most powerful formof marketing that you can
have in your business.It doesn't matter what
kind of business you have.Online or offline, consulting, software,courses, your personal brand,
(mellow music)your corporation, it doesn't matter.The most powerful form of
marketing is word of mouth.Now, you likely already know this.A lot of people talk
about this all the time.For example, Mark Zuckerberg
is known for saying,”Nothing influences people more”than a recommendation
from a trusted friend.”And my good friend Jay Baer,the author of the new book Talk Triggers,he tweeted this the other day.He said, “83% of Americans say”that a word of mouth recommendation”from a friend or family
member makes them more likely”to purchase that service or product.”That's huge.Alright, so we know that
word of mouth recommendationsare very powerful, but what
most people don't talk about is,well, how do we get more word
of mouth recommendations?Well, that's what we're
gonna talk about today,so sit back and absorb.Absorb, what, are you a sponge?Hopefully, take this in.Alright, number one, you
need to offer somethingand give people a reason
to share your work,your products, your offerings,your blog, your podcast, whatever.You need to give people a
reason to share something.People don't just share something unless,guess what, they're upset.So, this is why Yelp and actually Jay Baerhas another book called Hug Your Haters,which is about the other
side of this whole sortof community-building
aspect, which are the haters,and anyway, that's another bookand another video that we'll talk about.I love Jay's stuff, by the way.So, what you have to realize is thatit's very, very simple for a personwhen they're upset to get the energyto then share something, like on Yelpor on Twitter or on
something, or complain.It's a little bit harder
to convince a personto have the energy to
go and share somethingwhen they don't have
something worth sharing.So, for example, you
often see that airlinesget a lot of flack
because of certain thingsthat they've done, maybe
they said something wrongor they treated a customer poorly,we always hear about that on the news,or on Twitter or wherever, right?But, when was the last time you heardabout somebody going, “Hey, you know what?”Alaska Air, I just had a great flight.”You don't hear that often, it's tough.So, I could easily tell
you, just offer more value,and that's kind of the default answerthat a lot of people give when they go,”Okay, well how do I get people”to start talking about my stuff?”,but I want you to think
about how you can takethat a little bit further
because, guess what?A lot of people are
offering value everywhere,so how can you stand out and
give something noteworthy?How do you break that patternthat people are used to
for getting attentionfrom various places, from getting
value from various places,what can you do a little bit differently?How can go one step or two steps,or 10 steps above and beyond
to get a person to go,”Whoa, whoa, that was
unexpected, that was cool,”and that's worth talking about.”You need to offer something like thatfor your audience to help
them understand that,”Wow, I should probably thank”and recommend this service to others.”So, a quick way to do this would beto get a result for your people,for your customers, for your subscribers.Whether it's a quick win or a big win,help them get a result because resultsthat give people a reason to sharethen become about you,even though it's not actually about you.So for example, I have a
lot of podcasting studentsin my course Power of Podcastingwho successfully get their
podcast up and running,and they have thousands of listeners,and that's cool, and they share that,but they always then share howthey were able to get it done,and it was done through
going through my course.So, by giving them the abilityto then have something to
share with their peoplethat is something that they
are proud of, they are also,as a byproduct, mentioning
Power of Podcasting, too.So, that's just one example.How can you get your audience to be proudof the work that you're helping them do?They're gonna be more
likely to share your stuff.The next way you can get peopleto talk about you and spread your businessby word of mouth is to actually you,yourself, feature your own communityand customers in front of
the rest of your audience.Building a community is
a really important aspectof getting people to
talk amongst each otherand invite new people into
that community as well.A lot of us focus really hardon bringing cold traffic and
new people into our business,but by taking those peopleand turning them into a community,giving them an identity that, kinda,they form around your
business and your brand,gives them a reason to go, “Hey,”why don't you join us?”Here, look at all the
success stories coming out”of this particular platform”or the amazing people who are featured”in this community.”Like, you should come in here, too.”Because people wanna
connect with other people,and when you show that
there are actually peoplein your audience who are doing well,instead of number one,
which was them sharing itwith their people, this is you sharing itwith your people, but it's not youthat you're sharing, it's
your community membersthat you're sharing, too.A good example of this is
the company over at Chubbies,which creates, like, short shorts for menand a lot of other
American kind of things,not that short shorts
are an American thing.But, you know what I mean,
it's an American company,they do a lot of big Fourth
of July kind of thingsand they are known for their short shorts.And what's really cool
is, they feature a lotof their community in
their eCommerce productby actually hiring their communityto become their models for their clothes.And also, a lot of their Instagram photosare actually submitted
as user-generated contentby their own community memberswho are then featuring their clothes, too.So, it just adds a little bit of a vibeto the community in
that sharing the productand becoming a part of this communityand what they all stand for.Everybody can kinda grow togetherand people start talking about it,which is really cool.I actually interviewed
the founder of Chubbiesin a recent podcast episode,so I'll link to that
in the show notes belowso you can listen to it,but he has a lot of amazing strategiesthat was able to take his product,like, a product, and turn
that into a community.So, I highly recommend you listen to that.And number three, and finally,a great way to get people to take actionis to ask them to take action.Sometimes, the best wayto have people share
your brand word of mouthis to actually ask them to
share your brand word of mouth.So, a lot of times, people will,especially if they get results,share on their own without you asking,but sometimes, it just
takes a little bit of nudgeto have them just realize thatthat would actually be helpful.And if you've helped them out,if you've served your audienceand you've been generous to them,they're likely gonna look for waysto be generous back to you.And sometimes, they don't even knowthat sharing in that capacitywill actually help your businessbecause they're just, you know,doing their own thing in their own life,and they'd be happy to
do it if you simply ask.So let's say, for example,
that you have a fitness programand you help people, you
can actually ask them,”Hey, you know what?”Like, you should share
your before and after,”just to show how well you've done,”and if you wouldn't mind
linking to my Instagram page”or to the program, that
would be really helpful.”More than likely, they're gonna say yes,especially if they've
gotten results with you.Another smart example would befrom Jadah and Jen over
at Simple Green Smoothies.In order to get and move
their community all togetherand get their community
to share with each other,they actually created
what's called a challenge,a Simple Green Smoothie 30-day challenge,which encouraged people to join inon a 30-day challengeto drink Simple Green
Smoothies every single day,and they invited them to actually
invite other people, too.So, “Hey, like, ask your friends,”refer your friends, it's free.”Come take this challenge.”I'll link to Simple Green Smoothies below,they also have a great
book on Amazon, as well.But, the challenge specifically was greatbecause it kinda housed
a nice little movementin a short period of time for peopleto go and invite their friendsand try these things together.And again, like, if a person goes,”Hey, you should join me
on this 30-day challenge.”Let's do it together,”they're more than likely
gonna succeed togetherbecause they're actually doing it togetherand holding each other accountable.So, that's one way to do it,to wrap it around in a challenge.And then, the final way
to perhaps get peopleto share and spread
your brand word of mouthwould be to incentivize them to do that.You could reward them with something if,for example, they share something,you'd be able to give
them a coupon code or,you know, access to something early.You know, those kinds of
things work really wellto incentivize people and to give just,again, another nudge to
help people spread wordabout your brand and how great it is.So, as you know, word
of mouth is important,so by hopefully implementing oneor more of these strategies,you're able to get people
to talk about you more.And again, it just
really goes back to this.Default to generosity, how
can you serve your audiencein a way that's going to, as a byproduct,get them to serve you
and reward you as well?And, you know, we live in this worldwhere there is the law of reciprocity,where when you help people,they're gonna help you back.And again, with the advantage
that we have nowadayswith things like social mediaand blogs and podcasts, if you
just give people a little bitof a reason to share and an opportunityto share a result that they've had,they're gonna do it.And yes, they might need a
little bit of incentivization,incentives, but, or, I don't know.You know what they mean,you might need to
convince them a little bitto do it, but hey, it
can work out really well,and that way, you can focus
on building your community,creating life-long fans,
super-fans in your business,and hopefully just keep crushing it.So, Team Flynn, one thing I want youto do for me is, in the
comment section below,tell me one thing you're gonna doin the next few months to help increasethe likelihood that people
are gonna share your stuff.It could be broad, it could be specific,I just wanna hear from you, and this way,you'll kind of be held
accountable for that.And as you can tell,
word of mouth is great.Hopefully, you're helping
spread the word of Team Flynnand the YouTube channel here as well,and hopefully I've delivered value to you.And if you have an opportunity
(mellow music)to share anything that I do,I just appreciate you so much for that.But, I wanna hear from you.Tell me in the comment section below,one thing you're gonna
do to generate super-fansin a way that they're gonna get themto share your stuff.So, we're gonna be talking a lot moreabout building super-fans
in ways like this,so make sure you subscribe and stay tunedfor the next videos.And you can probably watchthe next video somewhere
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Team Flynn for the win.