interests and behavioral targets justsome of the too powerful things you cando inside the Facebook ad managementmany of us not in one thing what is thishey guys Victor David and I'm here withthe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce we'reenjoying some nice people but here on aSunday but more importantly we want toinvite you to our free facebookmarketing workshop March 21st okay it'son a Monday he closes on the Monday sowe're inviting our local business ownersto our free facebook marketing workshophey guysSaul's telling you interest andbehavioral targeting is some of the coolfeatures that you can do with theFacebook Ads manager okay so this goesway beyond the Facebook boosted postthat you're traditionally seen on thefront of this but this is actually theback end which is the Facebook admanager all right so at this workshopwe're going to show you how you cantarget basically our local communitybased off targeting and behavior so forexample you know I've already narroweddown the choices down to EdwardsLancaster live Iraq Mojave Palmdale porksale Santa Clarita HP and Victorvilleokay so this is the audience insightstool and I like to use this tool for theresearch before we you know implement anad campaign is you know we'll justgather the data to see you know our ouraudience but real quick here you know itbreaks down with gender and I just putage 25 them up and it gives you a quicklittle demographic of your audience forboth male and female okay you look atthe lifestyle and you can seerelationship status education level youcan even you know based off incomelevels too and I'll show you thatinsight via workshop coming up hereMarch 21st but what I want to show youguys is based off these localcommunities and you just go to pagelikes it's going to show you therelevant page likes based off thecommunity so right off the bat you knowyou have the Antelope Valley Times theSCV TV Santa Rita and other otherorganizations relating to either SantaClarita or animaland what this means to you is whenyou're gonna do an actual Facebook adyou know to our local community youcould target you know on top of thesecities you could also put these as aninterest so your audience if they havelike any of these pages that offer willcome up on their newsfeed okay so it'sreally important when you're gonna getyour Facebook ad is we want to get youknow basically you want our active righteyeballs to see it and at this workshopwe're gonna show you okay so just wantedto break that down and that's just aquick little breakdown of what we'll bedoing that deal workshop I'll show youguys how to set up a funnel in place orhow to target different audiences basedoff the ads that you want to do whetheryou want to do a you know you want toget traffic to your website you want toget people to your office to get anoffer if you have a restaurant if yougot a business even if you have a salesteam if you have how to train your salesteam to how to generate leads in thereyou implementing their own Facebookcampaigns alright guys so this is opento all business owners all right theHispanic Chamber is just gonna beoffering this and it's open first-comefirst-serve I believe we're gonna have25 to 30 spots or you know it'd be bestto really just call and ours VP ahead oftime all right it's going to be March21st from 11:30 to 1 o'clock and we'rejust gonna go all into Facebook andwe're also gonna give away some freeguides so you know you can remember alot of this stuff that we're gonna teachit at the event so we hope to see youthere March 21st from 11:30 to 1 o'clockat MU and Fez Mexican restaurant thanksguyssome goodies for us while we all justsit down and our very first mud childrenI meant tell us about March 21stwhat kind of goodies already passedOh what this is gonna be a really goodsurprise for you guys and I'm not gonnatake nothing but you could you guysgonna have a really authentic Mexicanfood they make it now it's justdelicious so you don'texpect to see you here yeah again March21st it's going to be from 11:30 to 1o'clock ok at new and BAM Mexicanrestaurant you want more informationplease call the Antelope Valley HispanicChamber this is Victor David and Hymanwe'll see you thereyou