there's been a lot of talk about thiswar between old and new media and theconflict of interest between thesecompeting platforms I myself have madesome videos where I addressed this issuebut according to this guy named vestfizzes there is no such thing as aconflict of interest between old and newmedia as he explains in his rant filledvideo which I'm going to be respondingto because I think this is an importantquestion moving forward in the world ofnews media and information thisgentleman by the name of fast-foodshowever you pronounce that he seems tobe a nice guy arguing in good faith andhe seems fairly articulate butunfortunately he is also incrediblyuninformed on the topic at hand here I'mgoing to be showing you how he's wrongand why there is indeed a conflict ofinterest between old and new media nowfor the sake of brevity I'm only goingto include short clips of each pointthat he makes but of course I'm going toprovide the full video in thedescription for full context so let'sjust get started and today I'm going totalk about the war between old media andnew media or perhaps a lack thereof onething we can start with a point numberone and that's the fact that one oldmedia has a complete monopoly in termsof resources and reach and availabilityand that's including you know internetservice providers and that's includingyou know satellite service providers forTV and live-action TV first of all youcan tell me knows what he's talkingabout because he's sipping a fuckingapple juice I guess out of a glassCheers okay so his first problem is thathe's failed to define his terms here andthus his argument makes zero senseaccording to him Internet serviceproviders are a resource of old mediaeven though the internet is where prettymuch all of new media comes from oldmedia generally refers to more corporateand traditional news outlets things likecable news news paper publications andthe radio conversely new media oftenrefers to individuals entrepreneurssometimes but not always independentlyfunded organizations that make videosand content on you guessed it theInternet and so to best business pointinternet service providers are just asmuch of a resource to new media as theyare to old media let's also consider thefact that there's no real true but notbelieve anyone hash like Fox News andCNN don't have a monopoly on informationand neither does anyone on the Internetbut more interesting than just nothaving a monopoly it's the fact thatpeople have so much access all thesethings there's no real competitionbetween these peoples so far as likeretaining their audience and keepingthem there because there's so muchoverlap between audiences I mean listenI can watch something from Fox News andeither watch something from CNN and itwill only take all of what five minutesof my fucking time Backman is making twoidiotic claims here one that attentionand time are not valuable or finiteresources and two that there's a lot ofcrossover between the viewers of cablenews and new media both of these claimsare completely stupid and false everymedia outlet is of course competing foryour time and attention there's actuallya term for this called the attentioneconomy to help explain what I meanhere's a small excerpt from a formerlead designer at Google explaining it ina podcast because of the attentioneconomy which is every basicallybusiness whether it's a meditation afterthe New York Times or Facebook orNetflix or YouTube you're all competingfor attention the way you win is bygetting someone's attention and bygetting it again tomorrow and byextending itfor as long as possible so it becomesthis arms race for getting attentioneveryone's limited to 24 hours in a daypeople aren't able to just infinitelyconsume information best students willalso have you believe that there's a lotof crossover between the demographics ofold and new media because there's somuch overlap between I inches but if youactually look at any studies andresearch done on this it will tell youthe opposite take for example thispublication from the Reuters Instituteof the study of journalism whichhighlights the average ages of peoplewho get their news from TV this graphshows that the majority of audiences forthis medium are viewers over the age of45 and that this trend is onlyincreasing over time the article alsostates that the TV viewership of peoplebetween the ages of 16 and 24 hasdecreased 21% in the UK and 29% in theu.s. from 2012 to 2015 if mr. bassfucking whatever would have just spenttwo minutes researching any one of hisclaims he would have realized that thedata blows his fucking arguments out ofthe water but no instead he just offedhandedly rants and makes unverifiedclaims for his 14 minute long video[Music]on to the next point here is a point toas to why I find the whole concept ofold meanie and new media battlingagainst one another is completely absurda huge portion of what we do on the newmedia is contingent upon and isresponding to the shit that people do onwell the old media but we only existsuccessfully as we are now because we'reable to commentate on news shows or newsbroadcasts that we find from old fuckingcable stations ok so his point here isthat a lot of new media and commentatorson YouTube rely on content aired andpublicized by old media and then tocompound this claim he then tacks onthis point about investigativejournalism the mere fact that there'seven a story that has been broke isbecause of their investigativejournalists if there's a great degree ofeffort that goes into investigating newsstories traveling around talk to peopletrying to figure out what the fuckhappened and the reason why we're ableto read these news stories that we getoh there's my way to watch thesebroadcast with these different specialsand people talking about what went ondiscuss someone with the camera crewwent out and chat with a bunch of peoplethat is not some shit that a lot ofpeople in the so-called new media aredoing aren't even even willing to dofirst off I think the fact that a lot ofcommentators respond to and critiquestories from more traditional mediaoutlets is a really good thing here's aperfect example of what I mean and Iknow I've used this before but againit's just such a perfect example I am ofcourse referring to the controversysurrounding the Wall Street Journal andits story on PewDiePie there was nobodyin the mainstream media holding themaccountable for publishing this slanderthe only people who called them out onit were independent voices outside ofthe payrolls of these huge mediacorporations if not for theseindependent voices and new media thatwould be no one holding old mediaaccountable for when they conduct thesesorts of dishonest hit pieces and thento Batson's point about how there's moreinvestigative journalism done with oldmedia first of all he himself actuallypointed out some examples of new mediadoing investigative journalism grantedyou've got people like Warren Southernwho's going around doing niche it that'sgreat you've got real mediaI would give more credibility to moreindependent voices generally speakingthan these large media corporationswhich are usually trying to spin a storya certain way regardless of yourpolitical stances or beliefs it'sundeniable that there are severalsources of investigative journalismwithin new media you have your LaurenSouthern's you have your rebel media youhave your Mike Serna bitches and maybeon the more extreme sides you have yourInfowars and Budd speeds doinginvestigative journalism as well butagain regardless of your political viewsthe point is that these types of peopleand this sort of investigativejournalism reaches millions uponmillions of people now that being saidthey're probably still is moreinvestigative journalism conducted byold media but that's not surprisingconsidering the huge advantage ofresources and funding sometimesgovernment funding in the case of PublicBroadcasting that these traditionalmedia conglomerates have versus what issometimes just one independent guy orgirl making videos but even on thispoint I think faxes makes it a biggerdeal than it ishe later reaffirms his position statingwhen in reality there is no fuckingbattle new media needs old media that'swhere they that's where a bunch of theirinformation comes from if old media wentaway tomorrow you lose a gigantic amountof news in breaking news that you getfrom them in the traditional senseinvestigative journalism refers tohaving reporters on the scene reportingback to a news organization but becauseof social media and the internet thismiddleman is actually being phased atcountless stories even major ones breakfrom individuals on the scene recordingsomething with their smartphone which isthen used in reports from the media youcan't go a night of watching cable newswithout seeing some sort of amateurphone camera footage being reported onby the news anchor well what do youthink that is I mean that's as much asnew media as anything else it's peoplesharing things directly to the Internetand bypassing traditional reporters andinvestigative journalism so tofastnesses point of what would new mediado without the old what would old mediado without the new then rely on eachother to some extent but I wouldthat were clearly headed towards a worldwhere information is becoming more andmore direct the need for reporters in asuit-and-tie feeding you tella promptedsound bites in between ten-minutecommercial breaks is dwindlingbut of course logically speaking anyindustry and massive corporation isgoing to be interested inself-preservation so yes there is aconflict of interest between old and newmedia being completely ignorant of allof this batsmen makes his finalunfounded point to solidify his weakarguments a huge portion of peoplebelieving that new media is somehowkilling old media that old media isdying and spoiler alert it it's not andthen he later says because old media isnot going away any fucking time sooncitation fucking needed seriously thoughnot once throughout this entire videodoes best fit cite any sources orinformation other than the firsttheological uninformed point that comesto his mind in refutation of this finalpoint I'm going to once again site thatReuters article I talked about beforethey have multiple graphs and datasamples showing that younger audiencesoverwhelmingly gravitate towards socialmedia and the Internet as their primarysource of news here's just a smallexcerpt from this article that statesquote first while television remainsimportant it no longer occupies thedominant position it held in the secondhalf of the 20th century as digitalservices and platforms are becomingincreasingly central to how people usemedia second video is an increasinglyimportant part of the overall digitalmedia environment and third whiletelevision content and video moregenerally is doing well in thisenvironment television news hasbenefited far less from the rise ofonline video than entertainment andvarious forms of user-generated andsocial content has but according to thatold media will never go away and youknow I hope you don't take investmentadvice from this guy because he probablywould have told you that pagers wouldnever be replaced by cell phones thatthe radio would never be replaced by theTV that Morse code would never bereplaced by the TEL ofthat writing books by hand would neverbe replaced by the printing press orthat fucking writing-on-stone tabs wouldnever be replaced by paper look you getthe ideafast missus argument is kind ofnarrow-minded and uninformed it justfalls flat on its face it boils down tothe fact that the tension and time arefinite that the demographics fordifferent forms of media are onlybecoming increasingly more polarized andthe fact that investigative journalismis also changing with the modern timesall of that being said this response wasmore so just to best with ideas you knowI'm not calling him stupid or anythingagain I think he seems like a fairlyarticulate well-spoken guy I wish himthe bestalthough the constant sipping of applejuice was a little bit pretentious[Music]anyways I enjoy making these sorts ofresponse videos and you know if youenjoy watching them let me know if youhave any ideas suggestions or feedbackalso let me know I accept criticism andfeedback and I actually think about itwhen I want to make more videosother than that though thank you guysfor watching and I will see you nexttime[Music]you