nineteen days before Christmas so let'stry to find you winner if you did find awinner let's see if we can help youscale a little bit more but let's justkeep it real basic especially for thepeople that haven't found winners yetI'm going to show you exactly how we'retesting right now and why we're testingthat way and how it's working for us solet's just dive right in here oh this iskind of like just a regular count hereso we're gonna go into create you knowsigh on the campaign level you know I'lltry to go slow but you know I whipthrough this you can put pause whateverand go through it so I wanted to createyou know let's just say that we makethis August t-shirt it's gonna be CBOcampaign budget optimization okay alwaysconversion I don't care if your stafffrom day one your pixels read whateverwe're always going after conversion andwe're always gonna going after purchasesso I'm just gonna go in here and just dothat boom okay that's the button youwant to click right there budgetoptimization and this should work forany budget that you have so let's sayyou're still testing on five dollar adsets that's cool which is gonna put 50bucks if you're if you could do a littlebit more I really prefer the hundredright now anything for testing don't goover 300 because your your results wouldbe kind of skewed right now when we'retesting for a winner we just want to seehow low of a cost per purchase we couldget at the beginning that way we see ifthere's enough room for us to startscaling using bigger budgets cuz noreason to try to scale something whereyou're only making one to one back or orone to two something like that okay solet's just go with 50 bucks for now youcan save to draft some of you guys mighthave this tree on the left-hand sidehere I don't like it but it's updatedinside of this an account I like the oldversion so if it looks a little bitdifferent that's why some of them arenew some of them are not paying the butI thinkyou're not going to touch anything onthis page right here but going to the adset level ad set level we're gonna clickon purchase I guess that I'm okay ifit's read we're gonna teach the theFacebook ad account to go to search forpurchases right off the RIP now add thecar no view content nothing like thatokay let's just be a little bit patientwe're gonna start it right now let's saywe're doing us only if you're patient Iwould HIGHLY advise spotting them at7:00 a.m. if you're impatient kind oflike me I'll launch it right now I knowthat today's stats might be a little bitskewed some people like to start at 12a.m. because they might get some of thatCalifornia traffic if they hear on theEast Coast but I really like it to startat 7 or 8 a.m. especially if I'm gonnalaunch an insane amount of campaigns andad sets and Allsop that way I cancontrol and see what's getting goodCBC's and you know basically withgarbage sorry about thatalright so customizer we're just gonnaleave a plain Jane right now UnitedStates okay right now I'm sure there'sshirts or any type of items that you'reselling that probably sell to both menand women but I just target the womenthe women go ahead and tag the men andthey're the the more I guess for me myworld more buyers right so I'm surethere's you know maybe if you're in thefishing that you're camping or whateverthat's very high on men buying stuffmight work better for you but man I'malways going towards the women I'mtrying to sell them stuff becausethey're gonna buy for the father thegrandfather the grandmother the kids allthat stuff instead of most likely thehusband or the me and not really buyingfor everybody just buying for themselvesor maybe one or two other people so I'mgonna target women usually I'm gonnastart at 22 Plus maybe if you even wantto go at 25 plus let's say you have abunch of data and you know that theydon't buy underneath that those are likethe Instagram type people I don't evenbother signing off for Instagram and Iknow that theshirts that I'm gonna try to put outthere especially this one this one hasto just do with the month of August andit says some cool stuff on it and thenthe older women are the ones that thinkit's cute and they end up buying so forme I already know the data that I knowit's gonna be 35 Plus that buy thisshirt but if you're just starting outand don't know you know your audienceyet you want to start out with 22 plusor 25 plus why cuz 18 19 20 year-oldsmost likely don't have money do some ofthem have money yeah but I'm talkingabout the majority I'm talking aboutninety-five percent of the interestgroup okay that's who you want toadvertise to so I'm 25 to 65 we're goingwomen you know do anything with languageright now it's only for worldwide typestuff when we search for people thatspeak English and then here it's gonnaget any simpler I think this is a good agood niche to start out with you know soyou could do january/february muchyou're gonna see they're all right herethat doesn't get any easier to targetsomeone you put August on the shirt putsome cool stuff on it birthday girlwhatever it you're gonna see the designit's simple I would start with somethinglike that another niche you'll see usteach a lot about is grandmas grandmasare super simple it's 45 to 65 plus andyou're putting grandpa grandpa if thedesigns good it's gonna sell if it's notgood it's not gonna sell you can alsosell to the toddlers the green kids wesell a ton of toddler shirts just coollittle funny sayings on them and it'snot hard to target again 45 65 womengrandparents it's it doesn't take rocketscience okay it's all about the designso let's talk about here birthday inAugust and then we're gonna editplacements you could do all allplacements all this crap and I don'tknow I think you're wasting a lot ofmoney that's being it so all we do isrun mobile traffic and on the feednowhere else we don't start Instagramnothing like that that's where the mosttraffic is gonna be the most buyers aregoing to be therethen if we find out that they're buyingon mobile we'll break it down to iPhoneand Android after you run out of thatthey won't you know look at the ages andwe'll keep scaling with other optionsbefore we come in here and start doingright-hand columndesktop Instagram all that stuff okaywe're gonna use that for scaling youknow leave all the devices conversionsis cool and we're also one day clickerswe don't like the seven-day click sevendebut you get all these crazy optionswe're looking for the person wants tobuy two day I don't believe in thatoptimization crap I don't see anybodyreporting that hey they put $100 on theoutset walked away for seven days got 50conversions and all of a sudden making amillion dollars or even making thousanddollars it just doesn't happen if if thepixel starts to get smarter you will seethat it starts optimizing whether you doone day seven day whatever we're gonnaput it on one thing so you have sevenpoint seven million people to go afterokay let's just go to the ad level andhere's a fan page that he has going onhere birthday club we're gonna useexisting post we will just look to seethere's the August girl won't good to gowe're also gonna build UTM tags you guysshould be using this so you see whereyour sale comes from inside of Shopifyand then we know hit apply and we'regood to go there okay so now that firsttree is completely built out now if youwere doing a different niche let's sayChristian niche okay I'm gonna show youhow we're gonna test five differentinterests with the fifty bucks whichmeans ten dollars a piece should go toit if they were all equally even butthat's not really what we're looking forwe're looking for whatever ad set worksthe best and then all that money's gonnabe allocated to that winning ad set andthen from there we'll build to do a lotmore stuff but just for testing purposeswe're taking the emotion out of it whereyou you may be like mmm I think thismight be a winner if I just let it go alittle bit longer and then you see itget $2 spend no click three dollarsfriend no click four dollars you're likeI'm already four dollars inI'll just let it go type thing that'snot gonna happen here what's gonnahappen it's gonna start moving itsbudget all the way around to find thethe best stuff and sometimes you gottahelp it you got a show-off a couple ofthem to make sure that feeds the moneyto the other ones that you'll see thatbecome winners sometimes none of themwill win but it could be the designcould be all types of thing could be thewebsite we just focus on getting clicksand then we'll see it move through thefunnel so right here all we're gonna dois something really simple I'm going todo duplicate and we're gonna make surethat that button is unchecked they theytry to stuff that to you all the timeand we can do times for duplicate nowthis one's really simple because we'rejust gonna take that out we're gonnacheck this we're gonna and some of youguys may be super organized or whateverfor me all I'm gonna do is this bring itin here you can put 45 to 64 female listthat whatever I'm just gonna go with theinterest in here now for this shirtbecause there's 7.7 million and there'sno other interest for me to test I'mliterally gonna launch these five righthere and it's gonna start looking somemight get served to the 25 to 34 rangesome to the 55 range all that separatesgot started looking you could come inhere and break this down and do 25 to 34and then and this like I said fourpeople a little bit more organizedI let the pixel do the work see howthere's 25 to 34 here we would uncheckthis and the next one would be 35 to 44and you just change it ready fire whatare you for and on and on and on and youwould launch that 50 bucks let it gowatch it during the day and let's see ifthat thing becomes a winner after thatwe'll talk about what to do if it doesbecomehow we duplicate how we scale all thatstuff but that's an easy way to testokay now let's uh let's bring it tosomething different let's say that youwere doing the Christian niche okayyou're gonna have the exact same setupactually let's not even change that I'mgonna go here that way you can see howquickly you can duplicate something totest some multiple things at a time sothis is the August t-shirt we wouldlaunch it upload gone right you haveyour two options let all five be theexactly the same or you can break downthe ages and find the winner that way soI'm gonna click duplicate remember thatalready has our tree in there okay oh Iwant to back up one thing real quickthat I forgot to say sorry about thatokay remember we have our tree so iscampaign we have our old ah we havecampaign we have our five ad sets andclick all these I'm gonna click overhere and we have five apps but really weneed to come in here and duplicate andmultiply times two and we need to havethree ads per each ad set and you'll seethat as you start spending more moneywith Facebook and you start to scalethat one ad won't get nothing served toit the second ad will kind of be junkyand the third ad will be fire that's theone has the lowest clicks has the salesall that stuff and that's when you'regonna keep you get rid of the other onesyou duplicate again and you keep doingthat in recycling so that later on wecan scale with it so just try to keepthat in mind so as we start off you wantthe tree to look like one campaign fiveinterests or 5 ad sets and then you wanta total of 15 ads so it's 3 apiece okayI'll bring that back now okay so nowwe're messing with this copy right hereand this is gonna be let's just say thisa Christian I eat on my shirt orwhatever that you want to test findingthat delete save all right cool so we'regoing inand all these are the ones that wecopied so let me say I'm gonna do thisjust so we don't get confused boom thisis a Christian we're gonna click into itthere they all areokay edit I'm just gonna put Christianright here I know I spelt that wrongmight even spelled that wrong who knowsI'm not the Spelling Bee champion but sowhat we would do here in the Christianone we'd come down here and we're gonnaget rid of this and let's say that we'regonna run the first thing let's try todo like websites or news or blogs andwe're gonna keep them all in thecategory themselves so the first one Icopy and paste here is Christian todaylet's let that come up so that's fourmillion we're gonna scroll to the topI'm gonna put the interest up here andI'm gonna uncheck these just so I couldshow you that what type of volume wehave here so this is hundred and ninetyK let me adjust some things here okaythere's our real number okay so rightnow we're gonna have 1 million to testgoing down to our second one we're goingto bring over crosswalk comm boom boomI'm going to adjust this one againthe crosswalk comm and we have one pointsix this helps me find out what audiencesighs I'm marketing to real quickwithout looking inside once you stylingexcluding stuff like purchases and havethe cards you're not going to be able tosee that number anymore so I have it upin here so I'll be able to look at itreal quick without messing with theasset so always good to have it thereand I'm looking for our 1 million to 2million at the beginning even down to500,000 if I think the niche is goodenough but this is a huge niche we'regonna be adding stuff that might be 10million 30 million 50 million dependswhat your pixel is used to looking at ifit's brand new whatever so we're gonnago down the line here and we're stillgoing to be messing with mostly likecomms and things like that we're alreadythey have a following okay I can comedown here third one and we're going withfaith comm X that out boom fix thisagain now I know this stuff isn't funand you know the more you do it thebetter you'll get out of the faster youget at it you'll be able to do a lot ofstuff I don't know why this is 54,000what are we missing here that don't looklike at all so let's just see what theyhave any suggestions I'll try one moreover here this should be in the millionsI believe comm I don't know I faith commis so little semi under 10,000 I meanthat's okay I'm just going to go up topof my head so let's say that we were tokeep this as websites and stuff likethat I'm gonna just put in cross walkcomm again[Music]I'm praying that I believe we're gonnatry to get more comms in here not thatmany suggestions because this is a brandnew account is there's nothing in hereso let's see what else we could do withbible quotes I think rival folks well hehas daily Bible cooks Joel Olsteen isreally big Joyce Meyer Kenneth Copelandalright so a lot bigger in here so let'sget rid of some of these and let's seeif we can roll with these four goodexamples boom 1710 I like it much betterso let's keep these and we're gonna getrid of this and this Joel Olsteenwelcome to the chlorite 4.9 million vein4.9 mill now why don't I want smallaudiences because maybe you might make15 sales 18 sales 25 sales and maybe tosome of you that might actually be a lotyou can go ahead and try that but thenyou burn through the audience very veryquickly which kind of sucks there's notenough room to scale you you know you'llnever be able to push $100 but there's200 I'll budget so you won't be able tohave 90 ad sets running out of time youknow and around 90 95 ad sets at 20bucks average you know some will be fiveseven be ten some be 25 you know but 20bucks average you're doing about youknow five thousand dollars you knowgross hopefully you know could be alittle bit more could be a little bitless but you're spending some money soin order for you to be able to spendmoney you'll have to have an audiencethat can handle that so I'm going tochange this and let's see thereactually when we put in Joel Olsteenthere's another one that came out rightJoel Osteen boom Joyce Meyer ma'am 3.9 Cthese are all good audience size rangesbecause a million audience that isworking for you is gonna be able tohandle about $1,000 worth of spend perday on the audienceokay that's usually roughly about whatwe see and then we're just gonna justpick a last one here I mean the 700 clublet me see if I can find another decentone I don't know Toby Mac is maybesomeone that sings for them I know toomuch about this a niche just randomlyjust pick it but uh you see if I everanything over here I think might be goodrisen magazine Bible study magazinelet's uh try this woman of faith 240,000let's see what else they haveKenneth Paul white 700 club let's seethere's actually like a TV network – Ijust don't know it's called I'm sure youguys are talking through the screenyou're like hey put this in whatever Idon't know too much about this oh Ialways see this on the interests and wespy on people I mean I don't know why itkills it like that most because a lot ofpeople are international and stuff likethatbuy a bullet see all right let's dosomething super broad that way I don'twaste too much time on this video let'sput it in Jesus boom let's see what itgives us5.2 million I would take that put thatright hereof 5.2 m babealright so there you goof course instead of having that Augustshirt there you would go in and changethe hat to something that is a Christianshirt and you're gonna let that thingroll just boom you're gonna publish upit goes and it's gonna start spendingnow what's gonna happen is let's sayFacebook is gonna put three dollars hereseven dollars here $8.00 here one dollarhere it's gonna start to find what'sgood what's bad you need to startknowing you know how much can you payper click how much are you looking tosee and Add to Cart and then how muchare you looking forward to see apurchase usually with t-shirts for uswith a three to five percent conversionrate depending on what theme you'reusing we can pay up to a dollar seventysix per click $5 Add to Cart and $10cost per purchase k so that will makeyou money you'll be able to pay for theitem to get printed shipped you'll beable to pay for ads and you'll put somemoney in your pocket oh especiallydepending on how much is selling forwhich hopefully you're selling yourt-shirts for 20 to 99 plus shipping for95 depends on what kind of shirts longsleeves hoodies all that stuff butdefinitely for the shirts around that2299 range right now you can even do alltypes of bumps on the shipping to getfaster shipping to them skip the lineall types of stuff to make your EOB goup you'll be able to pay more on ads andpay more cost per purchase to be able toget those people in the funnel but so Ihope you go out there this helps youtest no emotion it's gonna let Facebookthrough the job for you one campaignfive inside of their 50 bucks if you canafford it because that's ten dollars anad ad set if you can't you put it on 25if that's five dollars you need to beable to get data and then read the dataokay what age range are we gonna do picka – what's performing well what'sgetting clicks what's not getting clicksand you're gonna do this for about oneor two days before you really startfinding a winnerI also urge you to not test let's sayyou start with a fishing shirt and thenyou find another shirt that looks goodand it's an electrician shirt and thenit's a teacher shirt and then it's thisshirt try to always feed the pixel dataof whatever niche you want to go afterfirst if it's grandma's just keepfeeding at Grandma type shirts if it'saunts on type shirts if it's you knowlike these months I told you just findan August shirt find another Augustshirt that has to do it maybe find yousure I don't know what like in SeptemberI'm a Libra September 25th to October soif you're in that range it might be aLibra one before that I think is Virgoso maybe a Virgo shirt so you're feelingthe pixel all that information that'sstill in that same niche instead oftesting this and that and this and thatand the pixel doesn't know where to goit's like haha all over the placetry to keep it really niche down andfeed it until you you you will find awinner sometimes it takes 30 tries Iknow people that want to hear that themore you spend on research and you knowseeing what's already proven by otherpeople proven design or whatever andthen you go and take that design and yourun with thatyou know just changed a little bit youLeela find winners quicker don't try tofind winners like off the top of yourhead in the course we'll be able to talkabout how to get designs how to quicklycopy people's designs I already work andjust change them a little bit and thentarget the people that they're targetingthings like that but right now as youguys are running by yourself use this atest right here this is going to helpyou if you already have data the nextstep for this testing phase would belet's say you already establishing thegrandma' niche you already havelook-alikes you would take a campaignone campaign and you put ten inside ofthem 1% 2% 3% 4% all the way to 10 yougonna put about 50 to 100 bucks on itand you let it roll out and see whichone works showing one size work we'regonna start duplicating and things likethat but that's another testing phase atbasically it's test you're gonna readthe data and then we're gonna scalethat's what you're gonna doI hope you guys enjoyed this video thisis what you can expect a little bit morein depth and I'll be able to answerquestions as we go a little bit fartherinto this but there you go