oh my goodness my lovely still asleep ohI'd love to let her sleep some moreI've gotta head off to work hmm how am Igonna make sure you wake up on timeyou've got a new job to start today tooI'm gonna need somebody here who can getyou up in time hmmhow could that be what would work I'vegot it I've got ityeah yeah either a little pet or alittle sister should definitely be ableto wake her up today perfect now I canhead off and know that you'll be up intime whooall right good luck I'll talk to youlater all right we've got somebody whocan wake up lace but will it be a littlesister or a little pet hey and if you'dlike a chance at a shout out on my nextvideo hit the thumbs up button andcommenthashtag toy egg okay let's check outwho's in here little pet or littlesister hmm let's seetearing down what we've got what is thisOh style update food sometimes you needthat all right now to peel around hereokay almost there there we golast bit of wrapping is off now and Ican get into this well the whole thing'scoming open whoa okay okay whoever's inhere really wants to get out guys let'ssee what we have here oh here's a nicelittle bench too funwhat's this here really cute little bagABC spells okay it's wicked hey look howsweet little moon on her back her whitehair star on her forehead a littlepurpley eyes how adorable you areyou could even fit right in the littlebag oh and let's not forget your littlecollar it that put on right around yourneckhow sweet okay you have a big job youhave to wake up lace when it's timealmost time okay wake her up it's timefor her to get ready for work oh niceshe's not easy to wake up no wonderleather had to make sure there wassomebody here try a little harder yeahme Mom Oh kitty kisses I should do it ohthat's not helping eitherwhat's going on somebody help mesomebody help meyeah do I hear kitty cat heybuncha kids hey what are you doing herenow ma'am you owe leather love you hereto wake me up it's a good thing it's noteasy for me to wake up I love to sleepwell Moo well thanks for waking me upyou're a good kitty meow ooh but I doneed to get ready I have slept a littlewhile here I'm off to the bathroomI've got a new job today yay I'm soexcited about my new job today what didhe seem still doing on my head off withyou who I need to go potty I'm soexcited I'm gonna meet new people andmake friends oh and I get to work on thecomputer how fun oh come on over heretime to wash up he'll let me splash myface a little Shh I really need to getwoken up hmm what's next time to brushmy teeth like to get my toothbrush alittle bit wet and now ah so muchcleaner hmm what am i smelling oh my somy armpit eekI can't meet new people smelling stinkyI better get in the showerall right just drink back here yeah ohmy goodness wait a minuteare you a glam are you a glam glitterdoll you are you aren't I can't believeyou're in my bathroom what's going onhere just we'd better find out what'sgoing on let's get our doll outmm-hmm-hmm here we gohe's what in the world could this dollbe doing and lace is back okay this saysDress for Success well that's great forour first day of workespecially now let's keep going here getall this peeled awaystickers hmmthere we go all right looks like I'vemade it to our first surprise what is itgoing to be it looks so so prettyliterally on top now I can see oursurprise that I can get it out got itwhat could this beOh white shoes with little gold pom-pomson huh okay now let's get this part openand I can get this here whoa look atthis go Liam glittery outfit I'll dolove the white glitter and the gold bowssuper pretty let's get this open or Wowlooks like it got a little squishedsomehow sugar you're super super cutehey we need to see what you and ourlittle kitty can do in dough sugarokay see see anything whoa she's got ablack leotard on all over excellentwhat about we check it a orange moon socute all right now let's get sugardressed up in her glam glitter outfit Imean I already love her shimmering pinkand blue hair and the little gold bowsin her hair that match her outfit nowfor our shoes there you goand let's not forget your beautiful halohighways hey sugar it's nice to see youbut why were you in my tub sorry I washaving a problem with my bathroom andwell I also thought that maybe we couldride to work together today oh that's awonderful idea yes but would you mind ifI I got my shower also no not at all I'mout of herewell I'll go wait in your bedroom okayokay mmm no that's taken care of I canget myself cleaned uphi isn't this nice what puts a soap inthere do a little scrub-a-dub-dub get mytoes and the stinky armpits where's theface that how to do it okay no way let'sget this hair under control nice and tryready to brush this way in the back getthe little curls and the bangs come outany fun fine a little splash of perfumeshhh that's lovely oh my but I can't goto work in this towel I need somethingto winter okay let's see I've got ablack and white dress that's cute buthmm and then I'm mermaid dress no nothat's not appropriate for work thenthere's this white one oh yeah that'sjust my style okay let's get my whitedress on and of course I've got somevery stylish shoes to put on as well andfor a little added Flair think maybeI'll put on these glassesoh yes that's nice I think I just mightbe ready to go let me see if I can findsugar sugar sugar are you ready comeover here oh yes ready to head off towork I sure AM what about your kittyyou're gonna be okay here we take it ehI think she'll be finejust digging a nap thinking is for her Igot woke up this morning yeah we'realmost late let's go come on come oncome on meaning baby what's all thisstuff for it's for my new little sisterI'm getting today oh how excitingyou've made it looksadorable thank you I was really tryingto make it a welcoming spot for her Imean I've got this cute little dresseroh and this adorable crib over herewhat's this it's a fun play mat plus ifyou look over here I've got a little toybox oh it's an inch and it opens up fortoys yes and I've got these aha toytrain math is any toy train or votemy little sister can actually sit in itand ride around how fun yes I'm for whenthings get messy I have this cute littlewhale bathtubhow adorable she's gonna love it Ireally hope so so when is she comingwell I have to go pick her up at oh myright now I'm sorry I'm sorry I've gottago it's okay it's okay hello hello thereoh look how sweet you all are you'rejust too much oh and you must be my newlittle sisterokay kakaka here adorable Ohmeaning baby I thought I was gonna beable to surprise you sorry I justcouldn't help it I came to see my newlittle sister as soon as I could I can'twait to take her home my house is soready for her got a crib I've gotta hangon hang on what what what is somethingwrongI think I have everything I know but umwell you see when I said surprise Imeant um you're gonna need more than onecrib huh what are you talking about wellyou're not just getting one littlesister two little sisters how excitingoh you're right I am gonna need anothercrib well I do hang on hang on what whatis it now well you see you're not justgetting two little sisters three littlesisters actually two little sisters andthis little brother oh I can't believeitlittle sisters and a little brother isit so excitingand a big big problem I don't haveenough space for all that oneI've got a little time here I need to dotheir checkups maybe that will give yousome time to go figure out what you cando in the house oh yes I better hurry upI'm gonna needs more beds and bigger andmore huh okay don't worry she'll be fineoh my my myno this certainly won't do I can't putlittle sisters and little brother in onetiny bed ah time for me to do what I dobestand that is go shopping but firstunfortunately I've got to get rid ofsome of this stuff well I guess I don'tneed thisI've gotta find something that willsleep three oh and this tub is way tootiny out you gooh these toys well um maybe I can hangon to the toys they're all gonna needsomething to play with all right uhlet's go shoppingbabe babe babe babe yep that's it rightthis way delivery truck just back it upthis way baby peep that's good you'regetting closer closer hi can't wait forthis new furniture I found to bedelivered it's almost hereoh my they've delivered it but theyhaven't unboxed it I guess I'm gonnahave to do that myselflet's see in here what a big surprisewhat are we gonna find hey a strollerI'm sure this will come in handy youcan't carry three at once we've got redstroller with a pretty little bow on ithow cute and this can flip back eitherway lots of fun and very useful and whatelse looks like a little baggie okayjust get this opened up and see what wehaveOh a little pacifier for one babyand a rattle for the other plus a bottleyum yum but I don't think that's all Isee something else in here all rightwhat did you get look at this it's anadorable little bed ontheir little bow and guess who's on thisone Mickey with a very nice red andwhite polka dot bedspread how funcome we need more than one bad I hopeyou have Lauren here it's a pretty bigbox oh we do have another bed anotherbow and this time come in ahead how cuteI guess we've got one for a little boyand one for a little girl yeah we needanother bed cuz we've got three cominghome it's like I've found another bedwhat's on this one another Minnie Mousecuz we have two girls and a boythey're gonna love these beds let's seeif we can get our room set up maybe thetwo girls can sleep over here and thenwe'll add our boys bed over here this isa nice place to store the stroller maybethere's even still some space for ourtoys like the Train and the boats allright I think everything's in placeyep I'm ready to go pick them up nowokay I'm so excited and whoops think I'mgonna need this strolleralright now I'm ready okay doc I'm readyI'm readyoh I'm so glad I started to get worriedthat you wouldn't be able to find whatyou needed for them I need to know thatthey'll be safe when they go home oh yesyesI've gotten three beds and they'll allbe nice and safe and the rooms not toocrowded oh no it looks amazing I'm soglad to hear that now how are you gonnaget these three home uh-huhI also have a new stroller excellent allright you guys let's get loaded up ohboy I can't believe they all fit theysure do I knew this would work I'm gonnabe a great big sisteryou already are I guess so all rightwho's ready to go see their new room yayit does hurrythanks again docno problem all right everyone here weare home at lastyeah yay we want to play Oh play sure Ihave some things for you to play withhow about this little toy train oh yeahthat's for me to do too bornwhat about me to see what do I play withoh it's got this cute boat over here tryit out okay on my way I'm writing theseas oh you guys look I gave me so muchfun Oh No there can t play what's wrongthey have toys to play in but I don'toh no you're right I'm a terrible bigsister I didn't get anything for you I'mso sorry it's okay I'll just stay in thestroller thing uh-oh hang on buddy I'llbe right back just let me get the doorwhoa what is this special deliveryKansas cutie my goodness what have youbrought when I heard you were bringinghome your little sister I wanted to getsomething special so I got this ridingon rocking horse but what are you doingwith the three little sisters andbrother well they're all mine but theyonly had two toys and now you've broughtsomething else so I have three what doyou think little county boy I like itcome on let's get it out so we can ridemy little county boy sure has somethingspecial here a ride on a rocking horselook at this what do you think we hug ityep I see I think he loves ityeah yay oh they're all having so muchfun oh my what's going on over hereare you okay I'm sleepy me toome three I better get these guys to bedneed any help now I think it's bigsister stuff all rightI'll have fun you guys I'll see youanother day all right let's get thethree of you to bedhey come on unicorn I like this bedI'm so glad and now you my little sisterhuhcozy here you go little County boy can Isleep with my horsey in my bed oh no I'mafraid it's too big for that but I cangive you something all right how aboutthis pacifieryay and for you too a rattle and abottle thank you oh you were all sowelcome I was only expecting one littlesister but I ended up with all three ofyou and I'm so in lovegood night sweetie sleep tight seveneight nine tenready not here I come I see you mightsee I'm gonna get to know I don't knowshe's found us that's how you got teamgot you I am getting everyone I'm sogood just keep I'm a speedy fast swimmerhey who's under here somebody's hidingthere's a hiding placewhoa let's see you walk and fit underhere oh whoa more and more and morethere's still whoa that's a really coolhiding spot follow guys they don't evenknow whose pool this is yeah yeah she'sright over there she said it was okayfor us to play yeah yeah I wonder ifshe'll come out soon Mike McMahan playwith us who do you think's in our lolsurprise ball is it pop heart scribblesor shapes put your guests in thecomments she also has a little sisterover there we oh yeah look at thathmm I think she might want to go downthis line this line would be so much funalright let's open it up and let thesoul sister go down the slide witheverybody else okay Lester we are readytosee who you are but gotta get thiswrapping off whose message spy-glass uphmmfuture star well I know the futures inthe poolso let's keep going I want to get thislittle sister out possible she's gotsome friends you want to play with herreally cool orange ball on this onehmm orange I mean blue that's funnyokay here we go time to open up thisblue one see these fun surprises insidewith our little sister in yeah we haveeverything ready to open Oh someone thathas brought some black and white shoes ablack and white beret that's a type ofhat it's got the yin-yang symbol on ithere we go young baby hey wait a minuteI see another lookin baby down there Heylook at that we're twins yeah yeah yeahI always wanted a twin sister me too WowHey won't go down the slide with me ofcourse come on watch out belowlook everybody else wants to go to awhoa stay on the slidewe've gotta back up I'll push you downwhoaWatterson yay what is going on over hereoh hey skater girl back from the skatepark want to join us in the pool um nothanks I don't really like to get allwet I'll just hang out up here suityourselfhmm let's see how can I relax ah yesthis chair will do nicelyI'm going to want to put on some totallyfresh sunglasses yep just like that allrightrelaxing in my chair take a little sipof cool water mmmliving the dream Oh hungry hungry hungryI need to eat all right all right I'llget something for you hey anybody thatwants a little snack picnic time comewith meall right snack picnic time all righteveryone let's see what I have for youin my picnic basket oh how about asandwich for you and I've got anothersandwich here looks like I've got alittle bit of great a nice crisp saladfor me what about me what about me ohhere's another sandwich it's a prettybig one good cuz I'm starvingwe'll all right then everyone dig inoh my they are super hungryso am i I'm gonna get this salad wowthat stuff was pretty good it sure wasoh maybe we should have invited ourfriend fellas playing the pool over toour picnic yeah that would have been agood idea we ate all the food actually Isaved something here's a hamburger wecould give her oh right I can go get herfriend friend come on come to our picnicwell here she isit's our friend who owns the pool andhas let everybody play today I thinkmaybe she'd like to play too so I guessthat means we've got to get her out ofthis thing the little sister is alreadyout we're gonna want to see what she cando I'll grab the spyglass and we'll dosome more wrapping oh I can see a littlepeek in there goes another layer to beon there we go now I can check this outright here see what our message is whatis this the Egyptian pyramids all rightone last layer to go whoa look at thatso neat we've got a few surprises toopen up first here we are first is awater bottle squeeze squeezenow the other sign a pair of shoes supercolorful shoes over to the other end Oha matching colorful outfit with the topand skirt here we gotime to open up our little mummy inthere there it iscouple more surprises in hereOh a little white pacifier and in thisone Oh a little wristband time to unwrapour doll here we go okay off comes thebody which you can't take apart inpieces if you'd like I could separatethose pieces I can separate them bootsif you wanted okaynow the head piece off it comeslet's get her all dressed up so we cansee her even better okay just gettingher top on there and now this awesomeskirt and some shoes the colors are sofun red yellow blue white here is herarm band a little wrist band let's evenstretch it out there and get it on thatlooks pretty secureoh hello everyone so glad you'reenjoying my pool yeah we wanted to knowif you wanted to enjoy this picnic withus oh my that burger does look yummyexcuse mehopefully I hope I wasn't too rude nonot at all that's pretty much the way weate I guess we're all super hungry youknow what I think would be a good ideawhat's that let's take a picture ofeveryone enjoying their day at the poolyeah come on guys let's go back to thepool I've got my camera here everybodysay cheese cheese cheese cheese take mypictureI'm here watch me jump Wow Wow these aregonna be great pictures you too skatergirls huh think I got ya all right nowtime for some fun yeah just what I'm asquirter getsy getsy getsy guys that'swhy I love the pool so much oh yeah wellwe can get you back Oh miss me oh yeahwhat if we're in the pool wow so muchfun swirling world yeah did you guessthat we would get shapes today if so seeI got it in the commentsI'm so glad everyone came to this funpool party hear more play yay oh my whatan exciting day the grand opening of mynew hospital but oh my this place isempty there's so much to do before wecan have patients coming in well guess Ibetter just get started that's helpunicorn out by getting her receptionarea started okay here's a countertopwhere we can put maybe a couple of ourbooks in here that we might need andmaybe a chart goes in there we can add acouple books over here to the shelf thenlet's put a computer up here so we cankeep track of what rooms patients are inand things like that here is a littletelephone that can work as the intercomsystem and here is our receptionist totake in new patients as they come in ohno no this is a better start hello therehow are you nurse I'm doing very welldoctor I'm ready to welcome in some newpatients and help get them where theyneed to go that's what I like to hearhmm now where should I go next I thinkyou might be needed in the surgery roomoh yes thank you so much that's this wayand here we are in this surgery roomsome of our charts of the human body asink where our surgeons must wash updon't want to get any germs andinfections in our patients some of ourcontrols and material so but so much isstill needed in hereokay surgery room you know what'simportant oh right yes we need a lightto go in this surgery room just to touchit up here and then you can pull it downmove it around put it at differentangles so you can get it just in theright spot but we'll tuck it up for nowthen to some of our machines we can addthe oxygen hose and then another onehere to give patients the anesthesia tohelp them relax and get ready for theirsurgery so it is time to get our toolsready we've got some forceps here formaybe grabbing out splinters or thingspair of scissors you might have to cutoff something here are some more toolswhoops we might need a bigger containerand of course our syringe and all thatcan go on the side over here so it'sready for the surgeonI think last of all we need ouroperating table where we've also got ourIV what's going on over here my ownmoney quick nurse call for a wheelchairyes right away we need a wheelchair tothe reception office wheelchair to thereception office thank you my oh my boywhat's wrong Oh my belly my belly didyou eat too much no oh all right so Benokay we'll get you taken care of here'sthat wheelchair you called for all rightlet's get a minute oh it's okay it'sgoing to be okay come on help me wheelhim into the operating room operationwait it's okay it's okay now on to theoperating table you go no no I'm scaredI'm scared it's gonna be okay I promiseI'm gonna start by hooking up your IVdon't worry it won't hurt it's justgonna go right here on your arm oh ohokay okay just let me get washed up thenI do it let me take a listen here oh Ithink I know the problemwhat is it doctor what is it you've gotappendicitisI pinned what it's an organ in your bodyand unfortunately it's about to burst weneed to get it out of there oh no don'tI need it actually it's okay you don'tneed it but we need to get it out fastokay I'm just gonna give you a littlemedicine to help you get nice and sleepyokayOh hurry knock there you go that shouldhelp you relax just breathe deeply okaynice and sleeplet me grab some of my tools here andwe'll just do like this and then okay heshould be better soon um I need a nursehere it's doctor all right I stitchedhim all back up he should be okay whydon't you get him to a recovery roomwhere you can wake up nicely yes doctorright awayhmm I think I'll check upstairs howthings are going there okay here we arethen oh the nursery but I'm afraiddoesn't look much like a nursery andwe've got some coming to get and we'vegot some people coming up here soon ohmy oh my what babies do you think willcome to the nurserywe'll be two girls two boys or a boy anda girlput your guests in the comments nowlet's get this place ready okaysomething fun to measure how tall theyare here's a table with a scale so wecan see how much those little ones wayover here by the sink we'll also putsome different creams for the littlebabies and soaps for washing hands don'twant to give babies germs then we'vealso got this little bottle warmer thatwe can put bottles in they have nicewarm milk to drink and a couple littlebassinet for those babies let's seewhere are those babies hmmwhile I'm waitingI really need to use the restroom whereis it oh here we gopink goodness I didn't have to wait forthis to get put togetheroh nice okay just a quick oops someprivacy hmm maybe that's not too muchprivacy but I really gotta go okay thatwas quick time to wash up and off we golet's check on those babies oh they'rehere aren't you two adorable we're herewe're here did we make it in time oh yesjust in time oh look at how sweetwhere's my little leaning baby here sheiscome on all right oh you guys are justso precious yes they really are did youguess that we would have two girls if sosay I got it in the comments how aboutwe give it a most check up oh yes pleaseall right little goodies stand up niceand tall oh boy you're as tall as thealligators tail big girl and now for youlittle lady little leading baby oops alittle bit lower for you hey you're upto the elephant's ear good joband now we'll bring the scale over oh myyou're growing so big yeah yeah yeah I'mnot seeing you little goody whoa youmust be drinking all your milk man whenI win oh my speaking of milk don't worryabout it I've got two bottles warmed upright here they go little goodie and onefor you mm-hmm seems like you guys aredoing just fine over here I'm gonnacontinue to check on the rest of myhospital bye-bye thank you Oh write themwell well well look at what we have herePunk boy how you feelin ho doc I'mfeeling so much better than beforealthough I am a little sore yes well wedid have to cut into you and stick youback up so you will be sore let me checkyour chart hereokay this looks good all your vitalsigns are excellent you should be ableto go home in a few days really yes andI see you have some of your things yourbrush and your medicine over here don'tforget to take that I won't let themforget it doctor oh thanks oops baby itis good to have friends by your sidewhen you're in the hospital wow it'sbeen a busy day around here I think it'stime to head out see you tomorrowoh my well good night nurse good nightdoctor I'll see you tomorrow you surewill I love my new hospital good nighthey I heard you guys right hey wait aminutedid you guys have a customs party withall me that's so not fairbut something's not right about you guyseither hey what's going on wouldsomebody please talk to me