hi and I wanted to talk you through apay-per-click campaign give you sometips on how you can improve yourcampaign and a friend of mine has acompany that carries out high-end garageconversions and so I thought it would begood to use a non-legal site to givesome ideas and help you to think aroundthe campaign it instead of getting stuckstraight into the middle of it so I'm inthe pay-per-click at the landing pagefor the pay-per-click campaign it's justone campaign running at the moment herecampaign number one so let's go in thereand i'll immediately talk to you throughthe sort of things i'm looking at i'llbe looking at there's just one and groupin here and let's start there by sayingthat we've got a garage conversions adgroup that's the only thing we'rerunning and that immediately tells methat there's opportunities here becauseif we're doing garage conversions theremust be opportunity to split out thekeywords in that group the variousdifferent keywords relating to anythinggarage conversion and if you do thegarage conversion we get splittedsmaller groups which will make it moresuccessful an unexplained why now solet's go into the group and couchconversions you can see there's a fairfew keywords down here some have beenpaused stopped maybe they weren'tworking so well not converting so wellso let's have a look at the eligibleones you can organize your columns likea spreadsheet by clicking on the top andwe've got their garage conversioncarriage conversions garage extensionnow those are two very differentkeywords if someone types in garageconversion and sees and advertisement apay-per-click advertisement for a garageextension that's not what they've lookedfor it's not going to be speaking tothem in the right language they type ingarage conversion they want to seegarage conversion come up in their adcopy and just show you what I mean HereI garros conversion whenever up becauseI put it in as a search term up herewhenever I do so the people that have adeer distances garage conversion intheir headline come up in bold so itlooks much more likely so that's morelikely subconsciously or consciouslythat I'm going to click on these becauseit's matching my search terms nowthe ad for space solutions is not showthere because I think it might begeographically limited but and it isonly coming up within their area but thepoint is important if you've got a groupif you're targeting garage conversionsthat's the only sort of ad copy youshould be using and if we have a look atthe ad here the tabs all across the topif we go into ads and there's only onead running which is another fatal sinbecause you have to run ads together butthere's just stick on the ad copy nowgarage conversion is the headline so ifsomeone goes back to that keyword andsomeone is typing garage extension it'snot going to be talking to to themthey're not looking for garageextensions there's all sorts of spellingissues as well i think in there but thepoint is you've got to have very smallgroup so i would have a group now andpull out anything that doesn't take youraverage conversion i would take out hereso converting hours to bed room couchextension i would get rid of those and iwould put them into separate groups fora garage extension garage and thenconverting a go and we'll have them asseparate ad group so that's the firstthing the second thing i would do andthe let me explain the reason for doingthat the reason is because if you putads in two so if if the only twokeywords were these two in this groupand it's a garage conversion and my adcopy could talk just about garrisonversion after click-through rate here isgoing to go through the roof it's goingto get much better and you can see notsurprisingly that the click-through ratefor these two is much higher the CTR toclick through rate so every 100 timesthe ad is showing for them six pointthree percent for garage conversions ofthree point seven eight percentclick-through so there's three peopleclicking through for every 100 times itappears on the top in the top here or onthe right hand side in the pay-per-clickads so you've got to work on gettingyour click-through rate up so 6.3 isvery good 3.78 isn't so good and maybethat is just because the the ad in thisgroup is garage conversion maybe it'sjust not saying enough to make themclick through on it so we could havesmaller groups that's leftthe second thing is you've always got tohave at least two advertisements and Ithink two is the right number toadvertisements running against eachother so you set up a new text air thatruns against this one because you wantto always be testing and try and improvethe click-through rate and I've got wentback in time for the campaign so you sawsix percent there which is the currentmonth whereas I've gone back through thewhole campaign just to get some morefigures in here so we've got aclick-through rate overall at point oneseven if we go back and look at thismonth victory 8.17 now what we've got todo is make that work a lot harder it'snot producing enough results so we needto make this ad copy in here much moreattractive so we click on new text at sogarage conversions is the headliner andnormally what I'd do is I'd always haveto running and one of them would be thebest performer and that would be thecontrol and then I would run and you oroff against that which would be veryvery similar to the ad already run andwe just some minor changes and might beleading capitals it might be a just a ?extra and that's all I test and I'd seewhat would work better so it might becouch conversion on one carriageconversions with the question mark onthe other which is Karen conversions andthen all the ad copy would say the samenow because they sound isn't performingso well and what I'd be inclined to dois change the ad much more severely sothat we have one that really can providemuch better results and I seem toremember let's have a look there's ourone at the moment here in positionnumber two so it's getting up there nowI know we could we can say more and wecan get more results and so let's have alook at let's go on to the page it'sbeing said too because I know that therewas some good unique selling points onthere and that's my fault formiss typing so but this is our landingpage is not pretty strong call to actionI make them much bigger down here andthe call to action space should be sortof here phone me call me email we getyour free quote but look at this there'sa little bit of hidden golden copy downhere about all their endorsementsleading independent and specialist inthe area establish didn't it has no ontrading standards approved FMBaccredited trustmark endorsed I meanthose two may fun killing a conversionwith the building trades reputationthose are all important things and solet's try and take some of those and putthem into our ad let's make the firstlineso we've run out of space there you cansee at the end it show me I'm runningout of space of my head copy let's goback here ever be accredited so I'mgonna have to do some shortening on herenothing that's going to fit oh it doesfit fantastic so training standardsproved F&B accredited and Trust marketdorste that sounds reasonable to me thatsounds likely that it's going to give mesome confidence the other thing you needto do is again get it you've got anotherchance here to get your well to get partof the keyword in there I can put garageon there let's put Karen geez so that itjust turns out because this is what willactually display this is this is whatyou'll see on the page here so where isat the moment it just says spacesolutions you'll see above againwherever garage conversion features it'sin bold so they've got the great domainfor that what we need to do here is tospruce this up and as you can see belowthey've got anglian homes / garageconversion so what we can do is take offfrom our display one and what should weget on their space solutions if webecause we can play with this one justlike it look better guarantee I'm notgoing to fit it they've got shorterdomain I'm not going to make it fitwhich is a shame so I just have to gowiththat so that that would be creating newad what I'd do is I'd run that I want toget probably let's put that up I want toget probably a thousand impressions anda thousand impressions you can seegarage conversions had 250,000 so I wantto get a thousand at least testing thisto see which one starts to performbetter and see which of the ads runsbetter and then what we can do is we canput up a new control a diff if get the 1i've put up start to convert better willdelete this one and we'll do a variationon the couch confessions to make thatwork better in the meantime what imentioned to you is there's a lot ofkeywords in this group that don't talkabout garage conversions i was becausethey're the best performers in the groupbecause they're getting the most clicksyou can see here this one paper had 72and 78 clicks which isn't a surprisebearing on what i told you about the thekeywords up being in the ad copy I'dpause the rest and I'd start up andseparate groups with the correctspelling of keywords although in a goodpoint to make is that so often people domake common typing mistakes and you cantarget that as a new keyword becauseother people miss typing typing errorsand typing errors can get you a greatsource of Cheaper traffic now the reasonI would do this so small and I mightonly have two or three keywords in eachgroup is because it allows you to tailoryour ad copy to exactly match thekeywords that massively improves yourclick-through rate which in turn bringsdown your cost per click and youroverall cost and because Google rewardspeople that do the job well it puts youfurther up further closer to the top ofthe search engine so at the moment we'rein second if we do this well thenhopefully we'll be able to push forfirst position on some of ouradvertisements and get first positionresults whilst actually spending lessmoney just because we spent time makingour ad copy that much better so even ifyou just spent half an hour a week doingthis you would start to get betterresults and it can make a massivedifference you spend less money you geta better position you get higherclick-through rate to get more people onyour website if you then work on comehurting those people on your websiteinto more traffic into more customersyou've got success you've got asuccessful marketing campaign so Iwanted start off with a very simple runthrough of how you can improve yourpay-per-click campaign just to give yousome ideas to get you going now we'llcome back and we'll look at this of alook at other campaigns if you if youwant me to give me permission to go intoyours happy to do that you'll let me useit as a demo video and so there's waysof making these campaigns work betterfor you