hallo hi everyone welcome welcome thisis Michael crouch we are coming to youlive I'm out here in Maui Peter Chan isover in Los Angelesit is about 9 o 6 a.m. on Saturday herein Maui about noontime little past noonin Cali and then a little bit past 3o'clock on the East Coast super excitedfor today's training we're gonna bediving into our secrets for q4 so it'sno secret most of the money ecommerce ismade during these last three months andthere are some specific things that welike to focus on to really ramp up Peterand I have multiple stores doing over ordoing six figures a month and we followsome specific strategies to make surethat we capitalize on that especiallyduring q4 so if you guys have been ine-commerce and you're looking to get aleg up during this time where you'remaking most your money or if you'rebrand new either way this is going to bea phenomenal training so you guys canreally know how to get into the game andstart making money with ecommerce thingshave changed a lot for those of you thatknow my story also welcome everybodythat comes on we have we've got a lot ofpeople coming on today so a lot ofpeople super excited about this trainingso welcome everybody throw a 1 in thechatbox if you can hear me ok 1 1 1 1 1Peter are you with us yes can you guyshear me he has put a 2 of you guys inhere me make sure my mic works too -okay cool nice nice well yeah for thoseof you that don't know my story I gotstarted with e-commerce back in 2014 Iwas probably like a lot of you guyswatching I had no idea how to run aFacebook ad never sold a product in mylife and in my very first month I wasable to sell over a million dollars ofmy own apparel and that those strategiesthat work then aren't the samestrategies that work now and so one ofthe problems with taking courses andclasses and things like things like thatis that they go out of date reallyquickly and so the nice part about beingable to engage in a live call like thisand be able to tunewith us for the next hour – is thatwe're really gonna give you the exactplay-by-play blueprint of what's workingright now and how Peter and I haveconsistently made a hundred thousand amonth or more in our ecommerce store forthe past basically a year plus onseveral stores so this is stuff that'scurrent it's working it's stuff that youcan take to the bank and you can use inyour own e-commerce store or if you'regetting started you can use it to startyour first e-commerce store so superexciting stuff definitely you know payattention whip out a pen and pencil ornotepad and we'll be we'll be diving inhere shortly probably give a couple moreminutes just for a few more people tojump on board and then we'll be we'll bediving in cool yep definitely he has puta three on the chat box if you guys seemy keynotes should be all set up threethree three cool it's cool so real quickwhile we wait for more people to hop onand go ahead in the chat box type inwhere you guys are from we want to knowwho we're talking to and we want toreally get you know more in-depth andpersonal with you guys Austin Texas coolCaesars on Ivan's on John's onSacramento did he used to live inSacramento Mike Rowe's little bit yeahwith Chris record cool cool cool yeah wehave people from Vegas mainly the US itseems like someone from Montreal someonefrom India awesomeChicago ba la Detroit damn a lotta youguys all over all over the world it'scool anyone here from Hawaii actuallyactually going there this weekend yeahwhere's my Hawaii people that anybodyknow no one from Hawaii this callusually we get like one or two there'sthey're out surfing cool so guys so yeahI think it's good enough we've been onfor like a minute now we'll go ahead andjust hop on and if anyone comes in latethey can just catch you know whateverpart that they miss on the replay so umCBO strategies right just here to talkabout CBO strategy some new q4 stuffguys back in the day would mean Mikeused to runFacebook ads we used to you know run adson a be over right which is ad setbudget optimization which is gettingoutdated according to Facebook they'retaking that entire the entire processout because I don't know why they'reactually doing it but it's very similarto what's happening with Google wherethey start changing things regularlyyear after year based on what their dataand their metrics and their analyticshave shown them is gonna do the it'spretty much gonna help them monetizetheir business to the best of theirability and it's also supposed to helpus at the same time right it may besomething that it might not help us inthe short term it might be confusing forus in the beginning but in the long termfor them it's just gonna help themorganize things and it's gonna helptheir algorithm and their analytics workmore smooth and cleaner okay so over thepast year or so me and Mike we stoppedusing like the old-school strategies onFacebook right a lot of times we buy oldcourses or training videos and some ofthese training videos that we might buymight be updated and new but the problemis by the time we start using thestrategies or by the time we start goingthrough them um it kind of gets slowlyoutdated and eventually it becomesancient and it doesn't really workanymore okay so that's why we like to doyou know weekly or bi-weekly calls likethis one free to the public and justshare some of our latest strategies umspecifically this puts it this specificcall will be more for q4 only because ofthe fact that its q4 right now and a lotof you guys are here with that urgentrushed right a lot of you guys are herebecause you guys want to get the mostupdated techniques and trainings thatwork today in q4 okay so just to sharewith you guys some of the stats we'vedone over the years we had a story I did1.6 million another sort of did amillion dollars in another store thatactually did multiple um seven figuresokay majority of these stats though guyswe're generated in q4 okay you just seeon October 2 to December October toDecember in October to December we didover a hundred thousand dollars withthis particular store a quarter millionwith this one and then almost half amillion with this one so it isabsolutely true that yes there arecompanies out there that will break evenall year long from January all the wayuntil September just to generate datajust to generate leads just to buildtheir brand and they monetize it inOctober November December okaythat's why there's this massive rushokay that's why so many like e-commercepeople are out there trying to selltheir physical products during this timebecause they worked all year long tryingto generate leads trying to build theirbrands trying to get their business asbig and as as well-known as possiblejust so that they can monetize it umduring this you know last couple monthsof the year okay yes I see right hereecommerce isn't rapidly growing we allknow that okay that's why we're here weknow that people are no longer buyingDVDs they're watching things on Netflixthey're no longer really listening tothe radio they're going onto podcastright people are no longer shopping likeforever 21 just shut down recently yeahthey have like I don't know how manythousands of stores are being shut downokay it's because people are now buyingstuff on the Internet okay ecommerce isat an all-time highcompanies like Amazon are growingrapidly and more specifically you seeNovember sales online have more thandoubled okay so it's really no secretthat is out there that during this timeof the year um right now it's still alittle early okay we're still kind of inthe middle of October but as wegradually get into November you guys allknow shopping is gonna be insane okayit's gonna be ridiculously insane okayso what me and Mike usually do duringthis time of the year is we startselling a ton of physical products okaythings like t-shirts things likenecklaces things like canvas postersshoes tables all sorts of fun thingslike that okay um how many you guys herehave heard of the concept calledprint-on-demand you guys type in um canyou guys type in what wh 80 what if youdon't know what that is and you wouldlike me to explain for you what that isbecause that is a strategy or afulfillment strategy that me and Mikehave actually been using for years nowsince I don't know 2014 meme okay whatwhat what oh so a lot of you guysactually are still very new to thatconcept okay so interesting yeah sousually whenever we do these type ofcalls we have people that already knowwhat that strategy is and then we gotsome people that are completely new toit in this scenario seems like a lot ofyou guys are completely new to it so I'mgonna go ahead and just go over itreally quickly so that everyone's caughtup and it from there we'll move on tothe CBO strategy okay what me we don'twe don't like to do okaya lot of the marketers out there rightnow and this is not has nothing againstthem what they're doing is a very smartstrategy and there's a strategy that weuse all the time as wellit's dropshipping right do you go on allthe express you find a fidget spinner orsomebody that's trending now whateverproduct out there that you know couldpotentially help people um a drone orone of those like uh cell phone chargersthat you don't have to plug into yourcell phone or headphones that you knoware better than other headphones forsome reason like gimmicky trendy littlethings and you you just market Facebookads to your product and you mark up theproduct for Mali Express so you wouldfind a product for you would find theproduct on Holley Express for tendollars and you would sell it on yourShopify store for 30 dollars and youjust drive Facebook traffic to it that'san old-school way that people used to dothings okay the problem with doing thatis number one everyone can sell thatsame product Connelly Express number twoconsumers all over the world are gettingmore and more familiar with all.heExpress right they know that yo I canjust go on Aliexpress and buy the sameproduct for cheap the third reason is alot of times when you try to getproducts from all the Express they'rereally really bad in quality and theshipping times take foreverright and this coming here in 2020 thisis new rule and all they express thatthey're saying that they're gonna takeout that a packet feature Apache is afeature where it allows you to ship theproducts from Aliexpress to the USA intwo weeks or even three weeks theythat's what they claim but really it'smore like four to five weeks but they'retaking that feature out so now you haveto pay for expensive shipping and itmight not get there you know until likea month so in order to avoid thisstrategy what me and Mike usually do iswe use apps okay put on the man apps onyour Shopify store okay what these areare just applications on your Shopifystore just like how your cell phone hasa bunch of apps right your cell phonehasdating apps social media apps video gameapps music apps right all sorts ofdifferent apps that you use on yourphone well it's like your Shopify storeyou could literally do this the exactsame things you can get a bunch ofdifferent apps on your Shopify storethat can create for you products justlike these ones right here okay the appson your Shopify store can createproducts just like the ones that you seeon screen except they can customize itany way you wantright you can use that app like viralstyle pillow profits gear launch Tlaunch shine on gear bubble and so onand so forth and these are all differentapps that have different types ofproducts that you can use to fulfillyour entire Shopify store up with abunch of products and they're allcustomizable so here's how it looks likeokay you go onto your Shopify store youpick one of these apps okay they'reusually free to download you pick one ofthese apps when you pick one of theseapps you'll then pick one of theseproducts that you want to customize inthis scenario we're gonna pick a canvasposter so it's gonna look something likethis okay then you go ahead and youupload our image onto this canvas posterwhen you upload the image is gonna looklike thissee right here on the right hand sidewhere it says base cost $14 that meansthat's how much this company viral styleis gonna charge us when we sell thiscanvas poster okay when we upload thiscanvas poster onto the virus tileapplication it's gonna push that productout to our store and here you can see wecan sell it for $24.99 meaning we sellit to our customers for $24.99 and thenviral style will charge us 14 dollarsfor it does that make sense that meanswe made that extra $10 we don't touchthe product at all okay we have aShopify store that we fill our store upwith a bunch of products just like thisone right here the customers will thenbuy the product off of our store we getpaid we get that money when we get thatmoneythe app will trigger to the fulfillmentcompany here the app will trigger to thewarehouse and only then do you paywhich will take your money buy theproduct and ship it to your customersyou don't see the product at allliterally it's one of the easiest waythat you know to do e-commerce thatallows you not to ever have to see theproduct and not to have to be forced touse all the express to fulfill youritems okay he has put a 1 if you guysunderstand that business model one oneone yeah it's a very simple businessmodel it's something me Mike have beenusing for a long time now and it'ssomething a lot a lot of other marketersall over the world are actually doing aswell okay excellent actually a reallygood strategy I like it much better thanto ollie express one with the badpackaging the Chinese labels thegimmicky products the trendy productsthat you know go outdated after a weekthis is actually brand building okay sothis is actually real-life stuff on thattakes forever to actually do okay maybenot forever to actually do it takes likemore skill building because you'reactually building and working on a brandand you're not out there just trying tomake a quick buck off of some poor kidthat bought yours did you spin it yeahso facebook you see Bo strategies okayyou guys ready to learn some see Bostrategies using these same see Bostrategies okay these testing strategiesbecause a lot of times okay who here hasthis problem right when you go out thereand you run an ad you don't know how totest it right right you don't know whattype of ad you should run to test aproduct you don't know what you'relooking at you don't know if the ad isconverting well or not you don't know ifthis product even has potential or notand you don't know if this ad or thisproduct or this offer this leadgeneration offer that you're trying toput out there to the marketplace youdon't know what is a good result andwhat is a bad result and what is amedium result right when you look at ityou just see numbers you see labels andyou're not entirely sure what it is thatyou're looking at and you don't know theproper way to test a product or an offerand you don't know yo I have somethinggood I should scale it or yo this is badI should cut it right now I should cutmy losses ASAP okay how many of you howmany of you guys have had that issuebefore where sometimes you testsomething and you leave itfor too long because you didn't know itwas a bad product or a bad offer or abad ad and you end up wasting a lot ofmoney or sometimes you run something andyou didn't know it was a good ad so youcut it not knowing that yell if I justwaited another day or two I could haveyou know made some money with it rightat the very common issue that a lot ofbeginners are having when they firststart marketing their products onlineright whether it be drop shippingwhether it be lotions or potions or leadgeneration or print-on-demand okay wellwith the CBO strategy we have actuallysold a ton of these ugly lookingsweaters during this Christmas hour andyou guys to see right here we've donearm over 1.5 million dollars we'reselling a bunch of bedsheets shoeshooded blankets leggings seat coversthings like that okay using the CBOstrategies and we did this not by theold school we just drive traffic to aproduct we did this by utilizing a verystrategic lead generation strategy okayit's a new-school strategy I don't see alot of people teaching it I don't see alot of people doing it and we do it bygenerating a bunch of leads online okaywait we use things like SMS bump to getum text messages from our customers weuse things like reek arts so that we cancontact people when they abandon cartokay we use mini chat right here in themiddle so that we can capture people'son facebook Messenger right so but yousend up a message directly on messengerwe used like things like blogs where wewrite articles or we get someone towrite articles for us and create reallyvaluable content for our customers sothat when they see our article they canthen opt-in to you know some of ourleads our SMS our email marketing ourklaviyo and then from there after webuild a relationship after we add valuefirst after we go out there and we giveour customers something that they wantfirst so that they can like us know whowe are and trust us then we go out thereand we try to sell them these ecommerceproducts or physical products necklacesjewelry whatever it is that we'reselling them okay it could be a digitalproduct it could be you know anythingelse that you want to sell them but youwant to do it first by promotingbrand and getting content out there andgenerating leads Kate turning coaltraffic into warm traffic and turningwarm traffic into hot traffic andgetting them into your little ecosystemremember how I told you that a lot ofcompanies out there from January all theway to September they break even tryingto build this stuff up yeah not makingthis stuff up okay they will break evenfrom January all the way to Septemberpromoting articles building their socialmedia accounts building email listbuilding their SMS is trying to get ahuge massive ecosystem of people thatknow them like them and trust them andthen from there they go out there andsell to them during q4 okay does thatmake sense to you guys guys using thestrategy okay if you guys use mini chatokay one of the surefire ways to getmassive results we were able to again 90percent open rates with this strategyokaywith you know Facebook as the CBOstrategy that we're about to share withyou guys and content marketing justgenerating leads adding value you guyscan see right here we were able to get90 percent open rates or higher and ourclick-through rates are above 10% even20% 30% in some cases rightemail marketing right now is slowlygetting lower and lower and lower if youguys think about your own lives and whatyou guys do how often do you actually gothrough your emails versus how often doyou answer a message on Facebook oranswer a message on what's up app or orInstagram or text message versusactually logging into your email waitingfor it to load clicking on it withoutdeleting it as spam right the the spamto import it you know an important emailto spam email the ratio is really badfor every 10 emails you get maybe oneemail is actually an important emailthat you actually look at whereas theother nine are spam whereas if you gettext messages or you get facebookmessages it's almost like you know forevery 10 messages you get maybe there'llbe one or two spam that you're like whatthe heck how they even get my numberI didn't opt into this right or somerandom number some friend of yours losttheir phone and now they got a newnumber it's usually someone you knowsomeone you like is someone you trust sojust based off messages and emails imean messages um in text message alonein naturally subconsciously in our mindsgives us that trust factor that thoughthis person is texting methey must already know who i am and imust already know who they are becausestatistically speaking whenever someonemessages us or text message of us it'ssomething important or someone we knowor someone that knows us we'restatistically speaking when someone justshoots us an email it's some spam autowebinar software software you know soit's just one of those things where alot of companies are starting to do thisnow okay yes I see right here using thisstrategy okay generating all these leadscreating this ecosystem there's themassive spike up in cyber monday salesthat is head and shoulders above evenblack friday you see right here blue acyber monday green is Black Fridayred is Thanksgiving and orange is anaverage day how is it that even cybermonday beats Black Friday is becausethat's how powerful internet marketingis versus having a localbrick-and-mortar okay using the strategygenerating all these leads right withthe CBO strategy that I'm gonna besharing with you guysgenerating these leads waiting till theholidays like Black Friday weekend orCyber Monday weekend we were able to doinsane numbers like these ones righthere in just one week okay fifteenthousand dollars in a week eighteenthousand dollars in a week or even fortytwo thousand dollars in just seven daysduring the Black Friday weekend righthere okay and we did it using this teststrategy so that we know which campaignsare converting well which campaigns areconverting bad that we need to cut offright now so that we don't you know wedon't lose any more money we want tosave our losses and scale our winnersokay Gary V always says that find outwhat you're good at and triple down onit find out what you're bad at and justyou know stay away from me right that'skind of what testing CBO's are okay findout which ads are doing wellskillett find out which ads are doingbad and cut them right so if you guysare ready I'm gonna go ahead and go oversome of the CBL stuffcan you guys type in yes CBO if you guyswant me to show you guys kind of likethe ad advertising strategy that we'regonna be using right now yeah I'm gonnaget a drink of wateryes CBO yes yes cool cool so what areyou guys are actually on here excitedexcited the tentative level is actuallyreally high cool Cesar said yesSDF asdf interesting cool name John isyet readyAshley's ready actually walkers onCaesars here cool yeah so guys um beforewe actually get started with the CBOstuff you just have to understand threetypes of traffic to test your FacebookCBO campaigns okay there's three maintypes of traffic that you want to usewhen you test e CBO's the first type oftraffic is your cool traffic yeah coldtraffic is your audience that doesn'tknow who you are and they're notinterested in what you're doing they'rekind of just people that are therevery very cool traffic okay not peoplethat are warm or not people that needwhat you what you are offering notpeople that are within your niche justrandom people that are very cool okaycool traffic um you would have to dothings like video views okay set upvideo view campaigns PPE campaigns orview content campaigns right coaltraffic you would do very very broadinterests or even no interest at allyou're literally running Facebook adsand you're opening up opening up thegates for people random people randomquote audiences to come and see whateverit is that you have to offer it has norelevancy to what you're doing at allthere's just people that are out thereokay this is coldaudiences okay you can use age groups orgenders if you want to segment out thead sets because we want to make surethat we have three to five different adsets inside our CBO campaign okay in theearly stages of testing when you usecoal trafficthis should only account for 20 to 30percent of your testing budget so forexample if you're testing budget is $100right thenyou should only be spending $20 to $30on your coal traffic testing okay thisis what you know coal traffic it's notworried that you make the bulk of yourmoney the main purpose of coal trafficis to try to convert it to traffic typenumber two with just warm traffic rightwarm traffic is the audience thatthey're already familiar with what it isthat you have to offer they're familiarwith what it is that you have to offerthey know they someone know who you areokay you can even argue to say that theyknow who you are and they're interestedin what you have to sell they just needyou to have something to offer themthat's it right so let's say for exampleokay coach affic like like for example acoal traffic would be people that haveno clue what um a particular movie islike let's say we're talking about theadventures here coal traffic our peoplehave never seen the First Avenger thesecond Avenger the third adventure oreven the fourth adventure they've neverseen it before right coat rack arepeople that they don't even know whatmarvel is they don't know any of thesuperheroes out there and you kind ofhave to reintroduce them to what any ofthat stuff is right warm traffic wouldbe people have seen a lot of the moviesbut they haven't seen the new moviethat's coming out right so when you showthem a trailer they're like oh dude I'mso excited for that new movie where ascold traffic it's like you have toreintroduce them to your entireecosystem of what it is that you have tooffer them you almost have to educatethem on what it is that's going on rightum warm traffic are people that havealready seen it but they haven't seenthe newest thing okay warm trafficusually you would optimize sourceconversions whenever you run theseFacebook ads you would do fake purchasesor you would do leads right if you'retrying to generate leads like me andmight like to do the targeting on thisyou like to do is look alike audiencesyou would do targeted interest groups soyou're actually going then you'll tofind really targeted interest groups oryou can even do open targeting becauseusually by then um it's also reallysmart to open up the gates knowing thatFacebook will bring you in the warm trapif it's all within the same campaignokay warm traffic you will run onecampaign on it and it would have six toten different ad sets inside your CBOcampaigns and inside the early stageswhen you test your arm your warmaudience this should make up fromanywhere from 50 to 80 percent of yourtesting budget so let's say we had $100and we're testing our product or ouroffer right we want to put 20 to 30% ofthat budget out of that $100 into coldtraffic and 50 to 80 dollars of that$100 into this warm traffic this warmaudience okay the next type of trafficis hot traffic okay very very hottraffic okayhot traffic are people to have alreadyentered into your ecosystem yeah they'repeople that are already like for examplewe're using that movie theater as anexample they're people that alreadybought the ticket they're inside thetheater right now sell them popcorn sellthem hot dogs sell them soda all rightcandy because they're already in andthey're ready to buy I mean they alreadybought they're ready to um you knowconsume more right sell them a t-shirtthat they can wear during the movieright sell them a limited-editionsouvenir or something right show themother movie previews so that they cancome back and be a repeat customer ofyour offer okay hot traffic are usuallythe people that have already eitherpurchased or they're already a lead allyou have to do is nudge them nudge themnudge them with different offers anddifferent things that you want to sellthem and we like to use this during theholiday season and use the holidayseason as an excuse as to why theyshould take our discount special to buymore products into our stores okay hottraffic right here you guys can seeconversions we're gonna use purchases alot of hard traffic consist ofremarketing our audience is shootingemails out using your mini chat IDs anduploading them in to our um into ourFacebook platform so that we can remarkit to them or we can turn them intolook-alike audiences remarketing to ourclickers our pixel fires our videoviewers things like that okayusually we do three to five odd setsinside these CBO campaigns and in theearly stages of testing you might evenstart with zero percent okay who canguess why they use might even start withzero percent when you test a new offerfor hot traffic right it's because a lotof times when you first start you don'thave anyone in your hot traffic rightyou don't have anyone in this audiencegroup you because you're brand new rightonce you get your feet wet and you startmarketing to the cold traffic and youstart getting things warm with the warmtraffic then you can bump your hearttraffic up to maybe ten percent theymaybe bump it up to twenty percent whenyou get this up to twenty percent yourcold traffic can then go from thirtypercent down to twenty percent and itmay be even down to ten percent okayit's almost like a teeter totter rightin the beginning you're cold traffic ishigh or not high but you're cold trafficis like medium you're warm traffic ishigh and your heart traffic is cold Imean it's none right there's almost doneand then as you go on through thetesting phase it switches and now you'recold traffic goes very very low to thepoint where you might even be able toturn it offand your warm traffic stays the same itusually takes up the bulk of your yourtest budget and then your warm trafficslowly goes up I mean I mean your hottraffic slowly goes up okayso testing phase should look somethinglike thisokay you're cool traffic twenty dollarsa day assuming that we have a hundreddollar test budget everything here isassuming that we have a 100 dollar testbudget your cold traffic is assumingthat we do twenty dollars a day three tofive ad sets inside your CBO campaignsyou're gonna get high CPMs which meansthe traffic is gonna be very cheap okayyou're gonna get facebook an X amount ofmoney and they're gonna give you a tonof traffic right but it's gonna beinaccurate okay don't worry about theinaccuracy don't worry if these don'teven make you any sales the point ofthis ad is to try to turn these newviewers into warm or even hot buyersthat's the point of cool traffic okaythey want that what's gonna happen is atthe same time you're gonna run warmtraffic you could even do $70 a day 70%when you first test okay you're gonnafill this up with six to ten ad sets andyou're gonna get decent CPMs you're notgonna get the best onesthis should be very targeted people andyou're gonna get um a targeted audienceor your ideal customers right you'regonna get them into your ecosystemyou're gonna turn them into hot trafficokay well they're generating leads oryou're trying to make sales you're gonnatry to get these guys into hot trafficand then from there you run your hottraffic ten dollars a day all this addsup to $100 a day remember like I said$100 as a test budget 70 plus 20 is 9090 plus 10 $100 a day three to five adsets in your CPA CBO campaign and thistraffic is primarily focused to closethe dang sale okay sell to yourecosystem okay your coal traffic isdesigned to get people to be familiarwith you your warm traffic is designedto get those people that are alreadyfamiliar with you into your personalecosystem and then from there that'swhere you start making the money okaythat's where you can do the email blastsand get results like this one right herewhere we waited and we added value andwe were able to get 90 percent open ratebecause we're using mini chat and wewaited until it things like this crazyBlack Friday Cyber Monday weekend to dothis blast okay can you just see howthis is a science right this is ascience we're building a business hereokay this is how building a business in2020 is gonna look like it's not likethe old-school way where you just drivetraffic to a random keep calm and carryon type of t-shirt or you know somethinglike that fidget spinner and if you'remaking sales bump the budget up ifyou're not making sales cut it and testthe different product it doesn't worklike that in 2020okay building a business in 2020actually requires you to generate leadsgo out there build an audience turn thatcold traffic in the warm traffic turnedout warm traffic into leads and makesales okay so I'm gonna go ahead anddraw for you guys real quick and seeshow you guys how it actually looks likeum can you guys put a 1 if you guys areready for me to move on ok some of thisstuff is um I feel like it's prettyexplanatory right good stuff right sofar 1 1can I see the plan again yes you may seethe plan again 1 1 1 cool coolshare my screen real quick okay sojust put a 2 in the chat box if you guyssome see my whiteboard let me get adrink of water real quickcool so here's how the strategy lookslike on a very simple and plain field okthis is not like the most you know I'mnot the best artist in the world and Ican't explain this to you in like superdetailed because it's just gonna be aquick drawing but there's actually moreto it than this but first you have yourown cold traffic ok this you're gonna bedriving cold traffic to your ecosystemokyour cold traffic goes to warm trafficand your cold traffic is also gonna goto your ecosystem ok your ecosystem isgonna be things like mini chat ok it'sgonna be things like email marketingright it's gonna be things like youryour your article posts like your blogsright I'm gonna put mini chat yoursocial media all the stuff right here okand then your warm traffic is also goingto go to this entire ecosystem righthere ok and then your warm traffic isalso gonna go to hot traffic which ismainly only gonna go here ok and fromthere this is where all the money isright here this right here is where allthe money is when you build thisecosystem this is ecommerce in 2020 ok Iknow it looks weird but you're gonnahave cold traffic warm traffic and hottraffic people that have never seen youbefore a cold people that are familiarwith this industry warm and people thatonly then know specifically you you'regonna drive them all to this um thisecosystem right here I like to call itan ecosystem of your email marketingyour mini chat your blogs and your SMBor your social media accounts and that'swhen you're gonna monetize this entireplatform right here ok so when you drivetraffic I'm gonna write it out freeright here get coldoops cold traffic into warm traffic okinto hot traffic ok into ecosystem okecosystem it consists of things likemini chat right social media accountsokay umchant SMS list right um email marketingokay all sorts of things like this okaythen from here what's gonna happen isevery single day day one right and youcan do like every other day they threenot every day you don't want to spam dayfine right day seven you want to besending them to a new offer okay we canalso put a blog post here do offer newoffer write different things yeah andusually what we do is we set this entirefunnel up right here for about two weeksokay this right here you can duplicatethis right here for about two weeksoops yeah so that it goes from day oneday three day seven day nine day 11 daythirteen and then 15 okay so about twoweeks yeah you're gonna blast them aboutevery other day to a new offer and itfrom here remember guys when we drivetraffic into our ecosystem using thismini chat strategy we can literally getleads for about fifty cents okay that'snot cheap it is fifty cents two quartersand we can get people into our ecosystemfor two quarters right when we getpeople into this our ecosystem for twoquarters remember open rates for each ofthese emails right here are ninetypercent so almost everyone's openingthese messages not only that butclick-through rate is anywhere from tento thirty percent so for almost everydollar fifty to two dollars that wespend on traffic we get someone to seean offer multiple offers even becausethey're gonna get different offers so ifthey buy that product for every twentyor thirty dollars we get and they buythat product we're breaking even on thefront end okay imagine breaking even onthe front end waiting until you know q4like we've been saying and then fromthere you just do a blast you're justJenfree profits without buying ads okaythat's kind of how things are gonna looknow in 2020 moving on to 2021 and thingslike that you guys can ask people likeEzra Firestone the Russell Brunson'sGary Vee all the top guys in the worldthey all understand this and they're alldoing this right nowright it kind of breaks my heartsometimes when I see you know marketersgo out there and thinking that they canjust go up there and sell reallygimmicky drop shipping products on allthe Express and really sustain them okayyeah you might get lucky and have a goodmonth you might get lucky you have agood year but it's not really building abusiness you're gonna eventually tankdown and we keep using that businessmodel you have to generate leads youhave to build an ecosystem you have towork on your social media accounts andreally go out there and um you know addas much value to your customers as youpossibly canbefore you start selling to them okayjust thinking that you can just sell aregular um t-shirt or a gimmicky productyou know for no reason without you knowyour customers even knowing who you areokay thinking that you can just skip youcan just get this cold traffic righthere and skip all the way to the saleokay skip all the way to the salewithout making them warm making them hotbringing him through this stuff bringinghim through the funnel and then sellingthem right while they're going throughthis entire process that's a verydifficult thing to do without thisprocess okay this process makeseverything a thousand times easier righthe hasn't kind of understand what I'mthinking you guys put a three in thechat box if he hasn't understand umexactly what I kind of was talking aboutokay three three seeyou guys get it now right a lot of youguys get this stuff um definitely umdefinitely the new way of doing thingsJames Gerald actually guys it makes ahundred percent it makes a lot of senseright um can I leave you the webinarlater on yeah we're gonna have a replayfor you um Karina don't worry cool gotityeah so you guys want to learn thefastest and easiest possibly possibleway to actually implement all this rightnow um so that you guys can actually getresults before 2019 ends okay can youguys put a um yes in the chat box if youguys want to learn the easiest way toactually apply all of this right now andget results before 2020 ends okay yesyes Gabriela is ready as he's readySara's ready Ivan's ready John's readyokay well um cool cool let's seeTerrell's ready James is ready okay soI'm gonna go ahead and bring back Mikeon okay but before I actually go out andbring Mike back on um I want you guys toactually know you know how me and Mikeactually met and how we actually becamepartners in this game okayI actually met Mike at a mastermindevent um back when I was getting startedwith like selling these physicalproducts as well okay and I ran intoMike he had a mentor and we both havethe same mentor um Chris record some youguys may have heard of himand we followed Chris record and Chrisrecord was teaching a lot about you knowkind of like selling t-shirts theold-fashioned way okay the old-schoolway this is back in I don't know2015-2016 and we were learning how tosell t-shirts we were learning video adsand things like that and when I ran intoMike um I realized that he was a verysmart and humble modest person okay forsomeone that has accomplished as much ashe's had and someone has done some ofthe things that he's hadhe really he just looks like a regularnormal guyokay sit still shopping at Costco buyingt-shirts there and stuff like that notreally you know going out there andbuying all the expensive jewelry andnice cars that you see all overInstagram that these 18 year olds haveright he's really modest he keeps itreally simple he goes to the farmersmarkets though and buys like really youknow buys off the locals in Hawaii hangsoutyou know just chills in Hawaii it hangsout with all the locals there keeps itsimple but what I didn't realize at thetime okay guys if you guys go on to UMif you guys go on Google okay you justtype into hi yak hotel okay Wikipedia onHyatt Hotel okay you guys go right hereto Wikipedia you guys can see that wakeup oh yeah hotel game for those guysthat don't know I mean it is a worldwidehotel so a lot of you guys probably knowI thought maybe there were thisnationwide but they're worldwide theyhave over 700 different hotels all overthe world when you guys stroll down youguys to see Jack Dyer Crouch right hereyou guys could click on his name andguys Mike Crouch okay you guys to seeJack Derek Crouch was the founder of theHyatt Hotel and he had a son namedMichael Crouch okay that's something Ididn't know I was like wow this guy grewup within a billionairesum household and his family right heMike actually knows a ton of otherbillionaires he's worked with guys likeMark Cuban he's worked with guys likeTai Lopez he actually used to work withthe Golden State Warriors in the OracleArena where he would do anywhere from ahundred thousand to a quarter milliondollars in sales for them every singlehome game okay in the Oracle Arenaevery single home you they have almost40 different home games a year right ofcourse this was back in the day beforethey had you know the splash brothershave multiple rings but still guysworking at you know um the Oracle Arenawith the Golden State Warriors doingover a hundred thousand dollars everysingle home game that's almost what 40times 100's 404 million dollars a yearalmost maybe even more I don't know ifmy math is right right so we're actuallyreally lucky to have Mike here he'sgonna be sharing with you guys somethingreally special and gonna show you guyshow you guys can use all of the stuffthat we learned about the mini chat theQ 4 strategies ok building a listbuilding an audience how you guys canimplement all of this right nowand get results before 2019 ends okay soMike if you're still here um are you areyou here with us yes yes can you hear meokay yes yes can you guys put a 2 in achat box if you guys in here mightchoose to school well thank you Peter Iappreciate the introduction reallyexcited to be sharing some of this stuffwith you guys Ionce was sitting where you guys aresitting basically you know really tryingto soak up knowledge and learn where toget started and a lot of the times therecan be information overload you know Iknow that's how I felt and that's how alot of the people that we work with andour mentors should feel is there's justa lot of information out there so we'rewe're in an age right now where there'sno shortage of information there'sreally a shortage of the properinformation to get from A to Z andthat's kind of what we're gonna talkabout here let's see do I have controlthis guy okay you show the mouse soundsgood so for those of you that don't knowmy story obviously I was I was lucky inthe fact that I I grew up around anawesome dad my dad's much older had melate in life but he was you know theoriginal founder of Hyatt Hotels Groupduring the Great Depression very veryhumble guy you know drove around a veryregular car lived in a very regularhouse but was not a very regular humanbeing you know built Hyatt which at thetime was the first fly-in hotel in theworld it was the first hotel that wasever built outside of an airport whichat the time was really something quiteunique and amazing because soundproofingwas new at the time and air travel wasnew at the time when they built thefirst hotel it was December 19thDecember 1st 1954 and and then it latergrew to become the largest privatelyowned hotel chain in the whole world andyou know being being the kind of theidea of such a home a guy like my dad itwas it was pretty pretty amazing to seeand I got to learn a lot from thatI still started with nothing so you knowif anybody that thinks I got a leg upand got like a you know multi-milliondollar loan to get my my brand started Ididn't I never got a dollar had a youknow buy my own first rust-bucket carand all that kind of stuff was never youknow if I called my mom and said hey youknow I need 20 dollars for lunch shewould she'd tell me I'm I'm a smart guyand I could figure out how to get it soI definitelyhad to start from scratch and instarting from scratch with with t-shirtsyou know one of the things was I wasable to hit over a million dollars insales my first month in business and sothe way that that was possible was thatI was able to go A to Z with thestrategy of basically from where Istarted which was you know whateveramount of knowledge I had to getting toZ which is sustain profitability in mybusiness and so at the time like Peterwas mentioning we both took a mastermindof Chris record but before I even gotinto that mastermind I took a class ofhis this was back in late 2013 and itwas called penny click profits and itwas a pretty simple course kind of walkthrough you know the basics of how to doprint-on-demandobviously it's come a long way sincethen you know Peter and I joke that backthen it was like building a paperairplane you know like the Wrightbrothers building a paper airplane andnow we're freaking you know like ElonMusk taking a rocket ship to Mars youknow so that the industry has come along way but a lot of the principlesstill remain the same and so one of thethings that was the most instrumentalfor me to go from A to Z was really twothings one is that I had a video classone is that I had some some videos tokind of lay the groundwork for me to beable to kind of get that initial bit ofknowledge right and that's where a lotof us are at we've watched YouTubevideos we've watched course videos mostpeople watching this have at leastwatched some YouTube videos one-commerce or at least gotten somecourse videos on e-commerce and you haveknowledge a lot of you probably have aton of knowledge right but a lot of thetimes it's not about the knowledge thatwe have it's about being able to connectthe dots a to Z so this is really reallyreally where it gets important and thisis also where it really really getsexciting because I'm sure a lot of youhave watched webinars before you mighthave been on webinars pre-recorded maybeeven ones that you thought were live weare live by the way so if you are withus right now we are live at9:54 am here in Maui it's about 1254a.m. on the east are on the west coastabout 354 on Saturday on the East Coastobviously at that time is not right thenyou're probably watching the replay butfor those of you that are on now this islive and I'm sure on these webinars youknow you've probably seen a lot you'veseen a lot of information learned a lotbut it's not about having theinformation it's about being able to goA to Z and Z is not learning everythingabout internet marketing because thatwould take a long time right I was ableto do a million dollars my very firstmonth in in print-on-demand if I wastrying to learn everything in internetmarketing that would take much more thana month right so I was able to getprofitable within a month meaning I wasable to go to Z without having to learnthe whole industry and that's reallywhat I want to see for those of you thatare watching is to be able to kind ofswitch that mindset from just being asponge and soaking up informationsoaking up information soaking upinformation and kind of flip the scriptand instead of let's see instead of thatbeing able to be able to go A to Z andto be able to cut out information thatyou don't need because when when I wasgoing along it wasn't about having themost information again it was abouthaving really the most minimal amount ofinformation possible to get me to Zright it's like what is the because wewant to we want to draw a straight linefor those of you that have watchedJordan Belfort or the wolf of WallStreet it's like he talks about thestraight line you know we wanted we wantto draw a straight line from A to Z theshortest possible distance for us to getto profitability and so what happens inclasses and the basis of learning rightnow is video right so when I grew up I'm36 when I was younger we learned fromencyclopedias almanacs you know we hadto like whip out actual physical booksto be able to learn and now obviouslythat's changed and the majority of whatwe learn is through videoright and videos awesome is a muchhigher bandwidth it you can learn muchmuch much faster through video trainingsthan you can through trying to whip openand encyclopedia that's five years oldtrying to learn internet marketing youknow good luck with thatso obviously it's come a long way buteven with them as far as its come we endup with what's called knowledge gapsright so if we're learning from videowhat happens is if we're trying to getto Z you know we learn B we learn C butthen there's a gap right and then we gete and then there's another gap right andso this is where the problem comes inwith learning from strictly static videois that you don't get all of the piecesright I have videos out that when Irelease them they were amazing they werelike some of the best videos out there Ihave one video that I taught and one ofmy students who's now one of my friendsa guy named Sam Habib he went out andmade 24,000 dollars within three days ofwatching that video and it was likeabout a 45 minute training on lead adsthat being said that video was made acouple years ago that video is still inTai Lopez's s MMA course if you were togo and watch that video now that wouldbe old information right and so at thetime the video was the the best of thebest when it came to you know leadgeneration and internet marketing a yearor two later it's a little bit old rightand so that's just what happens so thething is is when we're out there lookingfor information to try to fill in thegaps on these on this knowledge thechances of us finding good informationis not great there's a lot of people outthere putting out bad information andthen even if we do find the rightinformation the chances of us findingthe right information that is alsocurrent is is very low right and so thisis where the problem comes in and sothis is really where the power of amentor comes in and this is what I didso what I did is when I took Chrisrecords penny click profits course Ireached out to Chris and I said Chris Iwant to hire you tobe my mentor because I want to fill insome of these gaps I have a lot of theknowledge but I'm missing some piecesand it might be some of the specificstuff like Peter talked about today itmight be hey I need to know is how torun this specific Facebook ad or how tobuild this specific audience or how todo this specific thing and he could comein really quickly and be like our Mikewell I know how to do thatI can I can show you this is how you doD or this is how you do F could wescroll that up a little bit Peter and sothis is this is really the key now itseems so simple right it's like okayMike you literally just jumped on hereto you know explain the alphabet to mebut as simple as this sounds I I askedyou guys to really ask yourself if thisis where you're at because most peopleare here I've put over 200 peoplethrough my own mentor ships notincluding what Peter and I have teamedup on which is even more powerfulbecause anytime you get two guystogether that have done multi-milliondollars in an industry they're me andPeter obviously push each other in a bigway to bring you the best and mostcurrent information but this is theproblem that most people run into and soit was really the key to me being ableto hit over a million dollars my firstmonth because when I hit over a milliondollars my first month first of all ithadn't really been done before so no onehad really made over a million dollarsat that point in being an independentapparel seller or being an independentprint-on-demand seller so I was thefirst person to break a million and hereI'm doing it in my very first month Ihadn't run a Facebook ad selling ane-commerce product before I hadn't soldproducts online before people didn'teven believe it was it was true untilthey saw it on paper and so how is itpossible how was how was I able to passup all these people that had been inthis industry for months and months andmonths and months and not hitting itwell this was the key right because onceyou know everything A to Z then it'sjust a matter of scaling it up rightit's putting more money behind the adsputting out more designs putting outmore stuff because once you feelconfident going A to Z then you're intheright you're in the money when you don'tfeel confident going A to Z that's whenyou get lost and unfortunately mostpeople that get lost going A to Z theydon't have a mentor right so what dothey do they go and a lot of you guysprobably done this you go to a YouTubevideo you go to a help article you goback through the course videos right butit's just not that that's what you do toget the 80% right and most of you arealready there most of you already havethe 70 to 80% based knowledge that's notwhat you need right you need those lastinches to the goal line to get thetouchdown you need that last 10 or 20%of information so that you can make itto the touchdown and actually get somepoints on the board and get revenue inyour account right and so this wasreally really truly the secret for menow I'll pass it back to Peter here injust a second but and we'll talk alittle bit about the mentorship programthat we have which we've worked reallyreally hard on to make it so that it'snot only the best and most currentinformation but also it's the mostaffordable possible for you to get intoprivate mentorship because that's reallythe the biggest hurdle for peoplegetting into private mentorship is it isexpensive right it's if you're workingwith somebody that's worth anythingright they're gonna be doing at leastsix figures a month in their stores likePeter and I are so if you're trying toget into a private mentorship withpeople that are doing six or sevenfigures a month obviously that price tagis gonna be super high because theirtime is valuablejust like our time is valuable so we'veworked really really hard to develop asystem so that we can basically overcomethat and give you guys the the bestinformation while also making itextremely affordable because that is thebiggest gap that people really have toget through to get into privatementorship but before I kind of turnedover and we talked a little bit moreabout that I just want to say that firstof all this is one of the most excitingtimes to get into internet marketing andthat's not hype it's actually realbecause we're in an era right now wherethings are becoming a pide and so mybrother who is a little bit older thanmestarted a company called palm gear andit was the first app store everdeveloped back in the mid-90s so it wasone of the companies that actually kindof survived the dot-com boom and notonly survived but within 18 months andonly a $1,500 investment by my brotherand his partner within 18 months theybecame the largest PalmPilot softwareprovider in the world which if youremember before iPhone Palm Pilot wasthe biggest thing since sliced breadwhen the stock came out I was thebiggest IPO of the year and so that wasreally what Apple even admittedly copiedwhen they built the Apple AppStore asthey copied my brothers and his partnersdesigned for Palm gear which was a itwas a the first developer driven appstore ever right so what's happeningright now and this is like one of thebiggest things that we can capitalize onas as non-programmers as people that arebecause I don't program although I'vehad an app that went to number one inthe App Store I've managed softwareprojects I don't code so that providethat that's there's a there's a gapthere right if we don't code then youknow it's it's in the past it's becomeharder to build things but now just likeyou have apps on your phone now there'sapps everywhere right why did Shopifybecome so big why didn't why is KylieJenner who has a billion dollar companythey basically the youngest person toever become a billionaire why did shebuilt it on Shopify why is Shopify thishuge thing that just came out of theWoodworks a couple years ago wellthere's only one reason some of you knowthis some of you don't but it's becausethey have the biggest and most robustapp store in the entire ecommerce gameby a longshotso what does that mean for you what thatmeans for you is that to get all thesethings working on your store basicallyto be able to sell t-shirts to be ableto basically push a button and plug into a manufacturer who can do theprinting for you and do the shipping foryou and you don't even have to holdinventory that's all possible do twoapps right because in the old days ofthe internet which is like two to threeyears ago foryears ago you would have had to havedone that from scratch now fast forwardto today and and all of these apps canbasically work for us so that's one ofthe biggest things that we teach andthat's what allows us to build soquickly and to get these stores soquickly up to doing six figures plus permonth is because we're able to use theseapps so fast and so you'll learn moreabout it for those of you that's jumpinto the mentorship but it's it'sliterally just the most exciting thingout right now because instead of havingto build with individual Lego blockslike you would when you're coding thingsfrom scratch right and obviously if youdon't know how to code it's even harderyou got to find somebody that knows howto build with individual Lego blocksnow with apps it's as if you have thepirate-ship preassembled out of the boxand you have the castle preassembled outof the box and you have the rocket shippreassembled out of the box and all youhave to do is connect it with littletiny Lego bridges that's kind of thenature of what's happened here just inthe last year so for the people on herethat are not coders if you're listeningto this right now and you do not codewhich I'm assuming as most people thisis a just the most humongous plus youcould ever possibly imagine because itallows you to be able to build fasterthan ever before and to be able to do itas a layman to be able to do oral awoman or someone that just doesn't knowhow to code like myself and so I justthink this is so exciting because one ofthe biggest things that prevents peoplefrom getting to z is the complexity ofit they're like oh I don't know you knowif it's gonna be that easy to do thisbecause it involves you know this is anonline store and I got to figure out howto work a computer and do all this stuffand is it going to be complicated and Ican tell you that by far by by a veryvery long shot it is easier now than ithas ever been and it's only going to geteasier so if you have a mentorespecially that can give you thestraight line to Z which again thestraight line to me was 30 days to 1.3million so it took me 30 days to hit 1.3million in sales of my own apparel meatfrom scratch no experience and thatequated to about four hundred and fiftythousand dollars in net profit now Iunderstand for most Plistening those numbers sound crazybelieve me when I got started if youwould have told me I would have hitthose numbers I would have thought youwere crazy too but it shows you what'spossible and the reason it's possible isbecause of this app environment that welive in and it's it's it's really reallyreally exciting and it's now it'shappening right now and so for those ofyou that are getting on you know whetheryou're getting started or you're rampingup right now and even into 2020 you'regonna be a long for a big a big ride agreat example to is Jim launch we teachsome agency stuff in our mentorship aswell but agency's been around forever Istarted an agency ten years ago that gotup to doing you know about six figures amonth actually my number one mentorstudent for those of you that follow tyLopez was actually a gentleman who was aspecial education teacher here on Maui Imentored him he was making 50 grand ayear here as a teacher he got intohaving an ad agency got that up to doingabout six figures a month and has beenin e-commerce now for the last threeyears and last year he did about thirtymillion dollars in his e-commerce storeand he's actually the number oneinvestor in Tai Lopez's investment fundwhich is called Switzer Alexander whichI think he's put in about two milliondollars in cash right so here's someonewho went from $50,000 a year specialeducation teacher I mentored him fromscratch and now he's again broke thirtymillion dollars in his econ store andwas able to best invest two milliondollars cash with Tai Lopez all fromfrom that that is all possible becauseof apps right that would have not beenpossible ten years prior if that sameguy his name is Dan Dan Bauer if hewould have had to done that and built itall from scratch right so again it'ssuper exciting this is all stuff thatwe're going to teach you we don't holdanything back in the mentorship and itallows for you to be able to fill in thegaps on what you're missing becauseagain most people have 80 90 percent ofthe knowledge at least 70 percent of theknowledge and they're just looking tofill in that last 10 or 20 or 30% andthat's really what we've set this up todo and that is the secret to be able totake you to profitability because againas you guys can imagine being able tohaving to look up that stuff on your ownit's just it just eats up so much timeand when there's that much money on theline when there's the ability to makemaybe not even a million dollars a monthlike I hit four hundred and fiftythousand plus in revenue what if it was10% of that what if it was forty fivethousand you know what if it was fivepercent of it what if it was twenty twothousand right I mean I think anybodywatching can be 5 percent as good as meI think everybody listening can be ahundred percent as good as me but evenif you want to trim those numbers downto five percent you know at 20 grand oreven 2 or 3 percent of what I did at 10grand a month right is it worth it tofill in the gaps quicker especiallygoing into q4 so you can actually startproducing revenue you know and my adviceis don't step over dollars to pick uppennies you know if you're gonna fill inthe gaps and if you're serious aboutthis whether it's Peter or myself orsomebody else find somebody that youtrust that can fill in the gaps for youbecause that is the key right you're nothere to learn everything about internetmarketing right you're not that's gonnatake months and months and months if notyears and years to be able to soak upall that knowledge I run into so manypeople that that's their goal is theyjust want to learn learn learn learnlearn learn learn learn learn learnlearn and that's not the way to go youknow that's like that's kind of what wewere like trick to do in school right isOh get your you know like I think KanyeWest talk about a song and get yourbachelor's get your masters get yourmaster's master's get your PhD you knowand you're just in this constant stateof learning but it's like when you gonnaapply it right my dad didn't graduateelementary school elementary schoolliterally the guy didn't make it throughsixth grade and he built the largestprivately-owned hotel company in theentire worldfrom scratch from his brain right solike I was lucky to be able to see thatfirsthandI got goose bumps all over just talkingabout it right now but I want you guysto feel that you know and and sounderstand that it's not about learnlearn learn and get as much informationas possibleheck no it's about having the leastnumber of steps possible to get to Z andhaving the knowledge that you have bevery tactical and straight to the pointso if you have knowledge that isn'tworking for your A to Z strategy pullthat out right we want to have as fewmoving steps as possible as few ofmoving parts as possible to get us to Zso anyway I'll leave it at that reallyappreciate having the time to share thiswith you though it's really near anddear to my heartand I want to empower everybody on thecall to be able to you know hit thenumbers I've hit hit the number that mystudent Dan Bauer is hit that Peter'shit I wantI believe in abundance so we reallydon't hold anything back with what weshare in the mentorship and even on thiscall the information that you have isextremely valuable we want you to beable to go and run with it so Iappreciate your guys time and Peter I'llI'll turn it back to you on thatoh really that was awesome good goodstuff guys good stuff um you guys aretype in a start now if you guys wantstep-by-step instructions from me andMike um just throughout all q4 I guess Ican start now because already or if youguys want to get started on you know thestuff that we just talked about CBO minichat things like that just have me andMike help you fill in those a diseaseKay all the missing D's and F's that youmight have inside your business showingyou guys where to click what to click onthings like that okay let's see who saidI even said start now Gabriel says startnow our Mandal wants to learn more Bobbysaid start now cool cool a lot of youguys are on here Sarah says start nowcool so yeah mentorship definitelyincredibly overlooked again the peoplethat you surround yourself with reallydo either catapult you or just hold youback and yes I see we had students likeIvan here who was able to do um 200almost 300 thousand dollars during q4okayJarrid here who became a six-figureearner from queue for you guys to seemajority of his stats spice spiked upand skyrocketed during the October toDecember section okay that's very q4okay Kevin here in the month of Novemberwas able to do $80,000 okayForex is business in a matter of monthsjust because of q4 okay guys there's alot of courses out there and trainingsthat are gonna charge you anywhere fromtwo thousand twenty five hundred thirtyfive hundred dollars just for a courseokay not even filling into A to Z likewe talked about right there's a lot ofstuff out there how many you guys haveseen those fake OTO webinars that youknow people are running out there and atthe end they just pitch you a courseright for two thousand or twenty fivehundred dollars yeah this is live rightnow it's October twelfth Saturday it'sright now a one o'clock in Californiaand probably what four o'clock in theEast Coast okay this is 100% live againI'm sure you guys have seen ads justlike them the ones that I'm showing youguys on on the screen right nowwhere the Guru comes in they they gothrough this whole process and theypitch you a twenty five hundred all thecourse and it's a fake live webinar okaysomething that was pre recording rightwho has actually seen that beforeokay everyone said seen that before okayso what me and Mike decided to do is wedecided to offer you guys a 12-monthmentorship program okay well we workwith you guys from now until the end ofq4 probably on the early qq1 of 2020where we're gonna give you guys all thetraining courses that we come out withincluding future ones that we're workingon me and Mike we're actually working ona brand new updated course for 2020we're gonna give you guys all that stufffor free if you guys hop on to thismentorship program okay so all the stuffthat you guys see right here that youknow other gurus are gonna charge 2000to 2500 dollars for we're just gonnagive that away for free to all of ourmen's mentorship program students okaywe're gonna have weekly live calls justlike this one except we're gonna get indepth into detail to show you guys whereto click how to click how to set thingsup okay not only that but we double upthe call okay not one call a week we'regonna do two calls a week okaywe've been very very consistent with twolaws a week usually we promise at leastone call but I think we've only missedone week where we've not only done onecall all the other weeks that we've donewith this mentorship program we do toocausethe first call is where we give you guysthe information the second call is whereyou give us the information and you showus your work and we could take your workfor youso it looks something like this imagineon Monday we go in there and we show youa technique we show you a training ok onSaturday you have Monday throughSaturday to apply that training onSaturday we look at your your your workand if we correct it and on Sunday youcorrect it in on Monday we go back towork we show you guys another trainingyou have Monday through Saturday they'llapply it on Saturday we critique it youguys fix it on Sunday Monday we startover again this way it forces you tomove the needle forward each and everysingle week so that your businesscontinues to grow and grow and youcontinue to learn the latest and mostadvanced strategies ok these are livecalls therefore they're updating it'snot like old video trainings they'relive calls ok on top of that we have aFacebook group where we assist and giveyou daily value whenever someone asks aquestion on the Facebook group I go onthere and I answer it right away and Imake sure I give very detailed and anelaborate answers because we want tomake sure we fill in those those missinggaps right the knowledge gaps the D orthe sa you're missing we want to makesure that we fill those in while youwork ok you have any questions ask it inthe group and we're gonna answer it okour networking and accountability withlike-minded individuals ok you're gonnanot only just gonna be in a group you'regonna be there you're going to worktogether with a bunch of like-mindedindividuals we're all gonna link uptogether yeah and guys if we can growthis mastermind group ok there's thiscore group of marketers and andentrepreneurs that we would love to do ameet-up ok potential meetups that we cando 2 to 3 times a year maybe once a yearor whatever and we can just bust out thelaptop and really go over what the beststrategy is for all of us to just excelin our business ok guys me and Mike wedidn't come out here to just give moreinformation we wanted to build an actualcommunity of lifelong business partnersand friends and entrepreneursexactly like what Chris record did forus last time ok several years ago hedidn't just go out there and just gaveus information we were able to networkwe were able to communicate and now meand Mike are partners on something likethis oknow only our partners on projects likethis where we want to mentor and helpyou guys well we're partners on otherprojects like e-commerce when we sellphysical products and things like thatokaythis is what we want to build we wantyou guys to interact with each other wewant to become friends with you guyspartners with you guys and just be ableto work with you guys okay Chris recordwas kind enough to have me you know helphim out with his business and he wasable to promote me on some of hisprojects and he had me speak on some ofhis stages and it's only because Isigned up for his mentorship program andI was able to work with him and he wasable to build me up to the level wherehe felt comfortable with having me helphim out with his stuff and then he wasin return was able to help me by puttingme on his stages and giving meopportunity to really work with some ofhis other students and things like thatokay so this is something that me andMike are going 100% all-in on okay it'snot something where we're just gonnagive more information and give moreinformation we're actually gonna give it100% our honest effort okay somethinglike this guys I've charged anywherefrom $5,000 for time we paid 5k for thisokay I think me and Mike we I've met upat a different mastermind event with DonWilson in Las Vegas when we paid $5,000each just to attend okay we're not gonnabe charging you guys this stuff if youguys get in today for the q4 okay we'renot you know um guys people have paidanywhere from 2,500 to $2,000 for thistype of information right um or for lessthan the less than half the amount ofvalue that we're gonna give okay the12-week mentorship program guys for thenext ten people that get in okay thenext ten people that apply for amentorship program we're gonna doubleeverything I just said and we're gonnadouble it up we're not gonna give youguys 12 weeks we're gonna give you guys24 weeks so it's gonna be six monthsokay q4 + q1 of 2020 so it's gonna goall the way on until I don't know AprilMarch okaynot three week not three months sixmonths not twelve weeks 24 weeks okay soyou're gonna get all of it okay all ofthe courses that we come out for freeweekly cause where we give you the mostup-to-date information weekly causewhere you give us the work show us yourstore show us your ads we want to seeyour ads we want to see your stores wewant to see the products that you'reselling we want to see the ad copiesthat you guys have we want to seewhat you're doing wrong so that you canget results hey I know coaching programsout there from Big Top named gurus wherepeople pay them two thousand dollars amonth and those gurus don't even look atthe ads those gurus don't even look atthe stores they just give herinformation once a week we're gonnadouble this up we're gonna giveinformation and we're gonna look at yourstuff and have you give us theinformation we're gonna have a Facebookgroup if you have any questions askingin the group and we got your back 100%we want you to be able to network withothers and work together so that we canbuild a nice relationship and reallybuild a community of lifelong partnersand entrepreneurs and we want to have amastermind group we want to have aphysical event where we get to shakeyour handgive you a hug look at your laptop lookat your stuff okay and have you look atour stuff because by then maybe you haveknowledge you help us out with our stuffright me and Mike have had students havesurpassed us right Mike himself hassurpassed Chris record right so this isnot just like the basics thing wherewe're just gonna give out moreinformation we want to actually connectwith you guys as much as possible so youguys can go on Peter Chan jr. dot-comfor slash q for mentoring request I'mgonna go ahead and write it right nowonto the chat box okaywhen you guys go to this um you guys canI sent it like three times when you guysgo on to this um when you guys go on tothis link and you guys apply okay let mejust go on to the link right now for youwith you guys and show you guys exactlyhow it looks like okay when you guys goon here okay and you guys click righthere to apply yeah it's gonna take youto application page fill all this upwith your name put your Facebook herethat way we can message you and add youto the group your email so that we cansend you an email um and also add you tosome of our courses that we have writeyour skype ID in case we need to reachout to you on skype and obviously yourphone number cuz we're gonna be textingyou okay that's really what's gonnahappen um we're gonna have an assistanttext you and we want to talk to youafter you guys apply personally me orMike okay we actually wanna hop on andtalk with you guys and see if you guysare fit we can't just accept everyone umsincerely do apologize about that wecan't just go in there take everyone wewant to make sure that everyone is onyou knowready for this type of mentorship rightsome people are not ready for it rightsome people are better off just going onYouTube for now and getting their toeswetsome people need this type of stuff andsome people may be you know there'snothing no value can add to them rightkind of like when you watch Shark Tankyeah every single shark could help outthe business with some of those sharksthey might say yo we're not really we'renot good at building that type ofbusiness there's nothing we can actuallyadd in terms of value to help yourbusiness out so we would have to humblyyou know exit right well country thatyou're from right all sorts of differentquestions yeah at the very bottom okayyou guys want to put the secret numberthat proves that you saw this webinarput 23 okay 23 is the secret number whenyou guys put 23 that's gonna let us knowthat you came from this webinar it'sgonna let us know that you're here we'regonna give a special discount and aspecial offer for anyone that gets inwithin this weekend okay or anyone thatgets into any what I puts in to number23 really um we're gonna give you guys aspecial offer just hop on the phone umwith one of our assistants eitherLindsey or I think Mike can actually hopon the phone with you I might even hopon the phone with you depending how theschedules are okay you guys put 23 onthis um application fill it outaccordingly and we'll be more than happyto connect with you guys okay you guyscan check out the rest of the site umton of testimonials a ton of reallyawesome students Yeah right hey that's astroll down we just have a bunch ofstudents a bunch of testimonials ofpeople that we've worked with in thepast people that are currently workingwith us today okayso you can check it out and um that'spretty much it Mike you have anythingelse you want to add I would just theone thing I would say is I'm superexcited for those of you that are goingto be jumping on with us and just toreiterate we're not here to give moreinformation and I think that that's oneof the ways people get stiii know thatthat's the way that most people getstuck is you think that if you'relearning that you're you're making stepstowards you know getting to where youwant to be profitability but it's kindof that idea that it's not just aboutthe hustle it's not just about stayingbusy with busy work even who was it wasjohn d rockefeller the richest guy eversaidyou know if people would just take youknow kind of more careful action insteadof just being busy all the time thatthey would make it a lot further andeven who was it lately Jeff Bezos saidyou know he putters around in themorning until until 10:00 a.m. before heeven takes his first meeting and I thinkthe takeaway from that is that whenyou're when you're busy and you'realways busy if you're on a sales call oryou're doing busy work you're learninglearning learning learning you're notnecessarily in that time of like actualcontemplation of like putting the piecestogether of what's gonna get to A to Zand so that's really what we focus on inthe mentorship is filling in whateverthose gaps are for you to be able totake a step back from the busy work andtake a step back from the learn learnlearn learn learn learn learn andendlessly learning stuff that maybe ormaybe not applies to what you need andto really break it down into what arethe fewest number of steps the leastnumber of steps that you need to getfrom where you're at right now which isa wherever that is and to get you to Zwhich is sustain profitability in yourbusiness and so doing that we take youfrom a success rate of a video studenteven if you're watching one of the bestvideos out there you know from some ofthe best teachers and you're an amazingstudent let's say you have aphotographic memoryyou're an amazing student you'rewatching an amazing teacher your chanceof success from being purely a studentof a video class is at the very veryvery most one to two to maybe threepercent three out of a hundred thatwould be your very best chance right notthat great right and that's if that's ifyou have an amazing teacher amazing suityou're an amazing student photographicmemory all the stars align the mostyou're gonna get to is about a three outof a hundred chance of being success ofbeing having success getting to gettinga store to produce four or five or sixfigures a month in your business rightas opposed to being in a mentorship withPeter and I you are going to raise thatpercentage up to 50 to 75plus of you being able to hit four orfive or six figures a month in yourbusiness so literally you're able to hita 20x increase in the chance of successthat you'll have by being able to fillin the gaps and those are those are thereal numbers so just kind of wrap yourhead around that is because the reasonthat that's like that is because againit's not about information overload ifit was about information overload thenthose numbers would those wouldn't bethe numbers right it'd be the peoplethat watch the most videos the peoplethat sat on YouTube for eight hours at atime that would be the most successfulbut it's not right the people that siton YouTube for hours and hours at a timeonly have a two percent success rate soit's not about the sheer amount ofinformation you have it's about beingable to have that feedback loop with amentor or with somebody that you trustwhere you can ask questions right youcan get a bulk of your knowledge fromthe video but once you have thatknowledge now it's about gettingtechnical now it's about going to Peteror going to myself and being like heyI've got a B and C but I'm missing thispart here D I don't know exactly how torun this Facebook custom audience how doI do thator I don't know exactly how to run thislook-alike audience how do I do that orI don't know exactly how to run theShopify app I'm getting a little errorhere how do I do that how do I fix thatthose are the inches that will get youto the goal line that will get you thetouchdown that will get you points onthe board that will get money in yourbank account so for those of you thatcan really relate to that and thatresonates with you those are the peoplethat were really excited to work withand to help because I want more successstories like we've shown you obviouslythere's a lot of them and I want morehuge success stories like Dan Bauer whowas able to hit 30 million in his econstore last year so we want that to beyou and we Peter and I both believe inabundance and sharing everything that weknow because we know there's no shortagein the market and if we give youeverything and bless you with thisknowledge so that you can becomefinancially free and have time freedomwhich is the ultimate freedom then weknow that that's going to come back tous tenfold so but yeah appreciate youguys for being on it's been about anhour and a half soyeah I really appreciate you guys Alohafrom Maui and yeah that's it for mePeter yeah I think that's it guys umthank you guys so much for taking thetime out of your Saturday afternoon tobe here with us we really do appreciateit I know a lot of other things you guyscould be doing but you guys take thetime out here to kind of just work onyour education you know and get getknowledge to apply on your businessesI hope the value that we gave you guyswe're as you know really good and youguys can apply what we taught you guysand utilize it to you know build yourbusiness right so that's it I hope youguys go ahead and apply if you guys areinterested remember the numbers 23 youguys can put that at the very bottomshows that you guys were on the call andthat's it I'll see you guys insidealright Aloha everyone