and it's cute here I just wanted to do aquick video and talk through one of thescaling techniques we're using vicecampaign budget optimization there'sbeen a lot of talk about scaling CBObest way to do it and this is what'sworking for us and as we can reproducethis across a couple of accounts so weknow it's sort of go to scale methodmethod you know every media buysdifferent area counts different so Ilove to hear what everyone has to sayand comments on this and please drop acomment and let me know thoughts maybewe can do it better get better out of itmaybe spez experience something we'dlove to share as well just a quickoverview on this account that we'reshowing you this accounts we've got anIO V of 48 dollars with spending $20,000today to $30,000 a day depending on howwe what we can scale that we can searchand then they're blended CPA when we'relooking to get is about seventeendollars and top of funnel CPA is aroundtwenty to twenty-five dollars and that'swhat what we're aiming fornow the ceiling at up front the ceilingCPA to the finals at $35 so that we knowif anything under $35 is profit for uson top of funnel that's just sort of howthe kpi's working with that part so justquickly the method that we're usinghow is sort of doing this is with we'vegot a campaign setup this got ad setbudget optimization unit so all they addsets of all the budget set of theheadset a lot testing out a whole bunchof audiences bunch of creatives and thatfinding what's work and what's kind ofstick once you figured out what's gonnawhat audience is working with whatcreative we then essentially create ascaling CBO and then in that CBO we aretalking about audiences in our careerand the creative and then we're going toduplicate that three times so we have afour ad sets in the CBO campaign allexactly the same running running nowwe we've done at the lower costs we'vedone a big cap design that toe across itactually works depending onand what you've what you're trying totry to achieve this is proven this aswhich across those three bidding methodsso it's just going into a quickly wetagged everything with the scale so allthe campaign's that are running that'sthe scale in it and you can see yathese are them all here let's just goback slight bit so you can see the databecause obviously we've been running forthis account for about six months nowcaught you can see I've got two activeat the moment so these two so that's whywe're testing out at the moment and thisone that's been running for quite awhile as you can see we spent twohundred and thirty six thousand dollarsand we've made four hundred and seventyeightso let's type of finals very cool verygood 2x and we can see here across allthe stuff appearing testing they all arevery consistent I'll just go into thiswould think we're spending seventhousand dollars a day yeah you knowthey're obviously we can scale that upthere so the terms with their profitmargins during the day we've nothinganything about one half x and we usuallyScout on the bump up budgets during theday we don't really bump up anythingafter 2 p.m. but yeah that's what coolto go into it here you can see we've gotfour ad sets now you can see all thedata is pretty much exactly the samewhich is which was crazy going Fe intothe ad so itself it's all prettystraightforward we're setting up ourtargeting but using a spinner interestwhich I'm planning is working reallywell first account and it's actuallymaking our audiences super huge so eachone of these audiences of two hundredthousand feet at twenty million people[Music]so that's one of the reasons why Ibelieve this is working so well we'regiving using the break that using thebreakdown effect that Facebook istalking about with the way that optionand they are work AI works now becausewe have so many people that hit hit withthis giving them for ad sets to choosefrom what's going to give you a bit ofprofit most profitable purchased atpoint time I think that's why this isreally working well we're doing one ofour placements seven-day click one dayview you know we've tested one day clickone day newhaven't seen they're the same resultswhich is interesting now this product ispretty much an impulse buy too so mostof the people that just in a scene addto purchases they really takes fromabout a minute to buyso we've tested it hasn't got the sameresults so I'd love to hear what thinkabout that as well what you guys beenseeing just kind of discard that goinginto the actual ads himself so you cansee quite a few answer here we seeusually run for we start the day likebetween four to eight as live and thenusing rules to turn off the ads as we goa lot that profitable we test out webasically try and run single imagecarousel video and as a mix and turnthem off we don't actually use revealwhat to turn off any ads and sets wedon't touch add sets we only touch adsand that seems to be doing really wellat the end of the day we usually havetwo or three ads sort of running to thecrushing yet which is which is cool soyeah that's pretty much it now you knowwe've tested apt as I said we've testedout power of course so this one here isa target course and that's done reallywell as well time possible she's sort ofsitting at 25 it's great I can'tcomplain actually worked really well Iwe had tested it out for any spend athousand dollars on that this one hereis interesting because we're usingdynamic created in this one as well sobasically it's broad super board 18 to24 women in a in the United States andwe using kind of credit and you can seethat that's also done really well that'sgoodcool that's pretty much it as I saidsuper super simplenothing really like major in here thatanyone can sort of reproduce yeah andit's really crushing it for us acrossmultiple accounts multiple accounts justquickly I'll add our rules here so wehave h be turning off as I said add theadd level $50 if they're spent fiftydollars and has no soundtotal loss and if we've got any affordall of your content and we've had over2000 impressions turning off because weknow that we needwe need sort of our metrics and we knowthat sometimes Facebook's web of pacingworks and and it spends a lot of moneyup really at the start of the day sothis is more of a stock stop-loss at thestart of the day for us and $35 CPAgreater and has purchased turn off thead at $7 bent so you're giving it achance to get to questions for the citydollars and then we turn stuff back onif it's got a CPA of less than $35 sothat's pretty much itthese were on every 15 minutes and yeahand we really running as I said sixmonths for this one out account and thisis been our go to scale technique to getvolume yeahlet's read it as I said love to hearwhat people have to say or comments dropa comment below let me know what youthink and if you guys want to if you canthink of anything better we can do itplease those