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The Cola Wars- Part Deux

13 May 2012


So as promised, I’m back with Part Two of The Cola Wars.


Sprite’s been making waves with their fresh bout of witty ads. They never fail to make us laugh. With fresh, young faces, and clever writing, they have rolled out a bunch of ads that do what Sprite is known to do- never cease to amuse. As usual there’s a young, handsome yuppie who takes away the girl, and our guy takes a swig of sprite, and comes up with a brilliant plan to win his girl back. It’s simple with a nice jingle, good looking cast, and that hint of ‘sprite’ mischievousness that lingers on in all their ads.  Their new tagline is ‘Raasta Clear Hai’, not as cool and different as their earlier ‘Sprite BhujayeSirfPyaas, Baki Sab Bakwaas’, or the plain simple ‘Clear Hai’, but still works. Now watch the ads for yourself and take a call.

The concept in both is pretty similar, so that helps in brand recall and establishing the communication to the consumer. It is very important to be consistent with your communication so the consumer doesn’t get confused with contradictory messages coming from different types of media.


On the other hand, 7 Up fails to win our hearts (at least mine), by their new commercial which just seems contrived and silly. I mean the ad is OK, but it does nothing for the brand as such. Just a bunch of dancing, and the jingle isn’t too catchy either. You might not even remember what brand it was at the end (I didn’t), probably because the jingle is so forgettable. I’ve gotten feedback that kids seem to like the jingle quite a bit though. I guess the concept is doable, but probably the execution could’ve been better.I like the idea of ‘a light hearted optimism’ for a clear, bubbly, fizzy drink and I feel it offers huge potential, but let’s wait and see. The concept of ‘light hearted optimism’ also somehow reminds me of the Fanta TVCs.

Though I like the idea, I still feel their communication seems very confused and jumbled. If they could just stick to one good tagline, and go with it, it would do them a world of good. They used to have some really good ads back in the days.I haven’t seen how the overall marketing campaign is, other than the TVC so can’t comment on how effective it has been.


Mountain Dew-Mountain Dew has roped in wrestler Sushil Kumar, world wrestling champion, Bronze medallist, Beijing Olympics 2008 to star in their latest TVC. It’s a short advertisement. Same message as always, just the face is new. It’s a little too dreary I believe. It doesn’t give us anything new. Can an ad campaign just survive on the fact that the sport star they’ve used hadn’t starred in a soft drink commercial before?


They have another TVC with boxing champ Vijendra Singh. This one is grittier, with slicker cinematography, but again the tagline ‘Darr Ko Maaro Dew’ just seems a bit off-putting somehow.

Wait for the next part in the series for an analysis of the orange and mango drink TVCs.


[The views expressed above are entirely the author’s own. No Offence Meant to anyone :D ]

(Natasha Bahuguna is a student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2013. She wants to try her hand at everything from photography to pottery, and has eclectic tastes in movies, music and books. Her brilliance is often mistaken for eccentricity and her penchant for random talk is widely known. An amateur guitarist-poet-writer-artist-connoisseur-of-all-things-creative, she’s amateur-everything, and often wonders about poignant philosophical questions like how birds commit suicide, and whether fish can drown. Her biggest achievement so far, has been to finish Mrs. Dalloway on her first try. Her mission is to one day get to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and if you’d like to hitch a ride to the galaxy, you can reach her at [email protected] )

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    I agree. That’ll be covered in Part III, which will be put up shortly. 

    And I think 7 Up’s concept seemed more like Fanta’s “Fun-tastic- mann uchal uchal jayye” concept….

  • Tanya Bahuguna

    And what do you think of Mirinda’s ad campaign featuring Asin?? I find it very strange…!

  • Tanya Bahuguna

    I think Pepsi is trying to compete with Coke’s ‘little drops of joy’ concept! Doesn’t 7 UP’s light hearted optimism remind you of it?!