guys our topic for today is all abouttraditional media versus the new mediain this topic we will compare the twomedia and we will see what's better touse now let's start with the traditionalmedia traditional media here are someexamples of traditional media we havethe classified ads the newspapers theFlyers the yellow papers and others andfor information traditional media isalready dead yes it is already deadbecause of the birth of the new majorand here are some on-demand access ofnew media we have the Google the Yahoothe bean and here are some interactivenew media in which you can have chattingyou can have exchange of informationthat's what we call the interactive newmedia example of this are the Facebookthe Twitter the YouTube and now let'stake further about the comparison abouttraditional media and new media on theliving time in the living time intraditional media there is always aspecific printing times because in someprinting press there is always aschedule of printing so you have to seta schedule and some printing arescheduling the printing time once a yearonly because they need bulky of printingthey cannot print just one two three orten they need bulk and like in the newmedia the information that you have todisseminate is just instant you don'thave the friend if just once or twicebut you can change it intime and you can have it instantly andin traditional media it only rich whatis on your local area so if thenewspaper is only created by this areayour local area can only reach that onebut unlike in the new media you canaccess or you can reach the news worldwide for example you want to know thenews for the America for the south orsouth africa so you can have the meetthe news worldwide in traditional mediathe longer be the longevity when we seethe longer between it is the key ofsuccess in traditional media it is onlyonceespecially for advertisements let's takethe advertisements if you want to have agreat effect on this the newspaperit is only valid once okay if thenewspaper is already invalid for thebecause of the time the duration of timethat is considered – already invalid orit is considered already old and like inthe new media it is continuous it iscommunal cumulative continues to buildover and over time of course if you wantupdate your news you can easily updatejournalist there and it is always becontinuously advertised in that websiteor in that site that you want toadvertise in in traditional media thereis no flexibility because in traditionalvideo what is in your newspaper you havean additional information for that topicfor that news so you cannot change thateasily unlike in the news media in thenew media you can easily change yourtime you can easily change your data youcan easily change your news even easilychange your information next in thecommitment level now let's go to thecommitment level on the traditionalmedia they are contractors it is bycontracts unlike the new media it is nocontract it is unlimitedok next we have the restriction of adspace on the traditional media there isa specification of space in thenewspapers it is restricted for otherside if this space if is for thisadvertisement only then it is onlyrestricted for that one unlike in thenew media there is no restriction youcan add as many as you can advertisementand next is that we have the conveniencenow let's take for example thetraditional media you need to know I usefor that day but there is no sum thereis no messenger who deliver a newspaperso this is the convenient for you youyou did not see the newspaper that theyhave delivered because you are out ofyour house so it is more convenient tohave the new media because you havecomputers phones tablets to know thenews for your day and next for thetracking what white tracking is here sowhat if you have ordered something ok soin the traditional media it is hard totrack where is your order now where isit unlike in the new media we havealreadytracking devices tracking sites you caneasily track your orders you can telleverything you want okay so those arejust the different comparisons or thedifferent with advantages or limitationsof traditional media and the new mediaso if you were to ask okay so if youwere to ask what is better for you if wewant to know an information easily andfastly so what do you prefer is it thisone the traditional media or the newmedia so how do you get your informationthese days in this generation so do youstill prefer the traditional or do youprefer the new media so according to theGoogle reports there are 1.5 billionpeople worldwide using the Internet andthere are 97 percent of all consumerssearch for global businesses online yesit is 97 percent because nowadays themodern technology generation the 21stcentury is already the using the newmedia and also they prefer the new mediato use in their daily life so if youwere to us what do you prefer it youstill don't live with the traditionalmedia or you will use the new media okayso that is our lesson for today it's allabout the traditional versus the newNietzsche so it's up to you guys tochoose which is better but I tell youthat new media is better nowadays sothat's all for today hope you havelearned something and god bless you all