miles Beckler here miles Becker calm andin this video I'm gonna help you answerthe question why is Facebook notdisplaying my advertisements I've seen alot of comments in my videos and a lotof threads on some Facebook groups wherepeople are attempting to displayadvertisements on Facebook but for somereason Facebook either isn't showingtheir ads or isn't spending all of theirdaily ad budget this can be reallyfrustrating if you're an advertiser onFacebook I don't care if you're a newadvertiser or if you've been around fora while when you're trying to spend ahundred bucks a day and Facebook's onlyspending twenty or when you're trying torun a split test on three or fivedifferent ads and Facebook's onlyshowing one of them maybe two of themyou can't effectively accomplish thegoal that you set out to accomplish soI've kind of touched on the twoscenarios in which this happens time andtime again we're gonna go a little bitdeeper into both of those talked aboutwhy the problem is occurring moreimportantly we're going to talk abouthow to debug or fix that problem so youcan get your displays because that'sobviously the goal so the firstsituation is an advertiser who has onead set that has multiple advertisementsinside of that ad set whether it's threeor five or eight different ads for somereason Facebook is only displaying onemaybe two of your ads this is actuallyreally common and the reason isFacebook's trying to anticipate out ofall of those advertisements that you'veput up Facebook's automatically tryingto figure out which one is going to bethe best user experience for theaudience that you've targeted rightFacebook is trying to make sure itdoesn't display something that's goingto give their users a poor userexperience on Facebook because if thathappens that user doesn't come back theycan't sell more advertisement Facebooklosesso what Facebook's doing is they'relooking in your ad set right and all thedifferent ads that you've createdthey're like I think one and three arethe ones we're gonna show the other onesman we're just not going to show it andthat's totally normal so what do you dobecause you obviously want to split testyour advertisements what you need to doin order to force Facebook to displayall of your advertisements is you needto duplicate out your ad set and runone advertisement per ad set so ifyou've got one main ad set right nowthat's got like a million people insideof the ad set and you're trying to runfive different ads what you'll do isyou'll break it out and you couldduplicate that ad set out five times youput one unique advertisement in each ofthose ad sets so each ad set has one adthen you divide your budget by five andyou put that divided number right solet's say you were doing a hundreddollars per day you would put twentydollars per day in each of the five adsets you're essentially distributingyour budget and distributing youradvertisements into five separate adsets if you had eight do eight thequestion comes up at this point wellwouldn't I have overlapping audiencesthe answer is kind of maybe likeobviously at some point you would butyou only need enough displays to seewhich one of those ads against thehighest click-through rate and the bestcost per lead for you or cost per salewhichever your KPI is so you're notgoing to be running it long-term in thisstructure short term I'm comfortableI've done this many times and I'll runthat same ad set that same audience andI'll run it against each other if youwant to make sure that people who likedor commented or clicked on ad set adon't see ad sets B through e simplycreate a custom audience that is thepeople who have engaged on your postsand then exclude those individuals fromall five of those ad sets so if somebodyclicks the angry face if they comment ifthey like if they make any sort ofengagement and click including the readmore button up top on the top text thenit would remove them so you won't bedouble displaying to those individualsthis is how I would approach making surethat your split test data is solidbecause if you're running a split testyou need somewhat scientific data rightyou need five different ads to see theexact same amount of ads been from avery very similar audience this is why Idon't like doing audience a for ad aaudience B for ad B because you now havetwo variables in your setup so I preferto go with kind of a largeraudience sighs if you're trying to do asplit test 500,000 to a million five itdepends on your niche it's going to varysignificantly and then just break thatup so each ad set has its own budgetthat cumulative right all of them addedtogether reach the daily spend that youwant to spend and then each of those adsets has its own individual ad this willgive you true data this will forceFacebook to show your ad for all ofthose ad sets and you should be able toget all of your display going so that'show you solve the first scenario thesecond scenario is when you've set up anad set you've got one ad in your ad setand you're not getting any displays atall and you've got everything you feellike you've set everything up right yourcampaign is set up your ad set is set upyour audience's targeted and then youradvertisements in there in thissituation I think it's the same problemI think Facebook for some reason doesn'tbelieve that your advertisement is goingto create a positive user experience forFacebook userstherefore Facebook is kind of got youdown at the lowest part of the auctionyou're getting maybe the leftover adspend between 2:00 in the morning and5:00 in the morning in your targetedareas which is like the worst time tospend your ad budget so first of all howdo you know if this is going on thefirst thing I want you to go look at isload that advertisement inside of yourad manager go load the advertisement inthe data and look at your relevancescore awed are and I'll put my money onit cuz I'm a little bit of a betting manI'd put my money on it that you'reseeing somewhere between a 4 or lower inthe relevant score it would surprise meif you even have a 6 as your relevantscore and this is Facebook's feedbackmechanism that's just showing you thatFacebook doesn't believe that youraudience is interested in what you'retalking about now this is theidentifying kind of data point thatconfirms my suspicions and just aboutevery time I've had a littleconversation in the comments withsomeone this has been the situationthey're like oh my relevant score is a 3or my relevant score is a 2 so how doyou get your relevant score to go upwell first let's understand how that'scalculated Facebook is an auctionsituation right if you and I and 10other peopleare all bidding on the same audiencethere's gonna be one winner there's oneperson who has the best content and thebest cost-per-click ready to be spent orcost per conversion or cost per thousanddisplays whatever that that kind ofpricing mechanism is but there's oneperson who actually wins the auction andthey will get the best time slots andthey will get the best traffic out ofthat audience everyone else who doesn'twin the auction gets to kind of to dofeed on the scraps if you will andunfortunately this actually is the waythat it works so you your goal should beto win the auction and how do you knowwhen you've won the auction when you seea relevant score of 10 so what doesFacebook Facebook factoring into thisrelevant score well the first thingthey're looking at is the audiencethey're analyzing all of the people inthe audience and they're analyzing thedifferent interests and likes anddemographic things that they know aboutthis audience then they're looking atyour ad copy they're also looking atyour image everything to do with youradvertisement they're checking out andthen they're going over to your landingpage and they're actually reading thewords on your landing page and they'reactually taking all of this data tofigure out does this audience and thisadvertisement copy this ad and this pagethey're going to is that relevantbecause what they don't want to happenis they don't want clickbait to gothrough they don't want certain topicsto be advertised subtly right they don'twant you to actually be advertising adating site with an ad that doesn'treally sound like a dating ad but thelanding page is clearly a dating site inthat kind of a situation you're going toget a terrible relevant score becausethe ad doesn't line up with the actuallanding page therefore they're gonna bekind of hindering your reach the bestway I like to create advertisements theyget really good relevant scores is toput a lot of text above the image on thead so the ad main components you gotyour image that's the probably thebiggest attention grabber you have yourheadline that's directly below the imagethat's the biggest boldest text in yourad those are very limited into what youcan put but it's important above theactual image that text field you can puthundreds if not thousands of charactersI wrote one ad it's it's several hundredwords long I don't know exactly how manywords you can fit in there but I like totell stories in that situation I like toget it to where users are clicking theread more button the more button they'rereading the entire advertisement I'm preindoctrinating them to my ideas I'm preframing them through my ad copy to wantwhat they're gonna see when they get tomy landing page and when they get insideof my funnel that way people who clickthe read more and the more buttonthey've engaged with my ad that's a goodsignifier to increase my relevant scorethey get down they click on the linkthey're ready to obtain that which I'mgiving away in the top of my funnelFacebook sees all of this processincluding all of that top copy text thatyou create and it creates a much betterappearance of a more positive userexperience for Facebook users onFacebook wow that felt like a mouthful Idon't know if that was or not but didyou get what I'm saying here so morecopy more relevant copy tell storiescase studies testimonials can work greatin there and make sure that you're beingreally consistent right that theaudience you're targeting is trulyinterested in that what you're offeringand that you use almost identicallyright in my below the image in myadvertisement that headline text I oftenput that text on my landing page themain keywords the verb the adjective thething they're gonna get the big promisethe hook whatever you want to call itthat needs to be the same from youradvertisement to your landing page andthat needs to be something that Facebookthinks that the audience you'retargeting is truly interested in andthat is how you will create a new adthat has a higher likelihood of gettinga much higher relevant score and whenyou start seeing 8's 9s and 10s yourcost per action is gonna go down yourcost per display is going to go downyou're probably going to be getting intobetter segments of Facebook's audiencesat that point in time and your cost perlead should go down and your conversionrates should go up those are the twobiggest things I keep seeing it over andover and over now haha I have a videoto link people to when they asked thisquestion but you obviously found thisvideo on your own therefore go aboutdoing and implementing what I've talkedabout here whether you need to run yoursplit tests and get full display on allfive or three or seven however many adsyou're running take that approach or ifyou're not getting any displays on theone and only ad you've got in there nowyou know the trick to get a higherrelevant score and monitor thatrelevance to Gore and you'll notice asthat number goes up you'll be gettingmore displays and you'll be able tospend all of your budget I've never seensomeone with a relevant score of an 8 9or 10 not be able to spend their entiredaily budget Facebook has more usersthan we could ever spend money onthere's over two billion monthly userson Facebook so there's plenty ofspending on advertising to be had forall of us we just need to make sure thatFacebook will mate when they analyze andit's done with a bot at first sometimesit goes to a human butt but it's prettymuch the bot is looking at your ad whenyou submit your ad this is all automatedand that bot is deciding yes this isgonna create a good user experience highrelevance no this isn't really gonnacreate a good user experience lowrelevant score you might even see that alow relevant score once you start to getsome engagements that number can go upbut if you're starting with a four orfive or six I wouldn't sit on my handsand wait and hope that number goes up Iwould be proactive I would create newadvertisements I would test long copy uptop ads I think that's really the paththat's what's working for me that's workthat's what's working for my friends whohave helped kind of improve their kindof situation and their Facebookadvertising it really works so now youknow you're on the inside track I thankyou very much for your time if youenjoyed this video give me a thumbs uphere in YouTube it helps me get thereach 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